SPC ECO – Big Fat World EP

Interesting musical ideas on the background, pretty cool female voice in the foreground. This just works. It doesn’t really sound a lot like Loveless, since it’s synth music, but the same feel is there and it’s nice and interesting, very atmospheric, it’s overall a cool musical journey. The musical structure is filled with breaks and changes of rhythm and sound, like abrupt build-downs that soon let go, it just never gets boring and sucks you in this feeling of being surrounded by music, like dolby stereo.┬áThere isn’t a world of difference between each track (again, the title track is sort of different), but they certainly convey one distinct sound without feeling like different parts of the same song.

The singing is what stands out the most and I am pleased to say it also works very well. It isn’t stationary, there is plenty of drama and feeling (specially in the title track), though it is mostly delivered in vague dreamy melodies that fit perfectly with the music behind it, always changing accordingly to it.

An overall on the best tracks. The two first are the basics, they are very well done and play the part of “this is what I’m here for”. The title track deviates a little bit from the others, but in a nice way that made me almost think it might be the best of the bunch – it’s the most radio-ready anyhow, naming the album after it was a good idea. The last track’s title, “Feels Like Flying”, is descriptive of the EP’s style as a whole and you might say that’s the feeling they aimed at. This track is also the most ambitious, not only because it’s the longest, but the synths go farther away from the “norm”, delivered with more abrupt breaks, while maintaining the overall atmosphere of the EP. It’s kind of the one that sounds less like rock and more like electronic (the first one sounds the most like rock, I’m still not sure if there isn’t a guitar down there somewhere). It plays the role of a closing track perfectly, a synthesis of what just happened, a little bit special and pointing towards something different, like a reward for sticking up until this point.