inb4track-KPFK’s Global Village collaboration

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Tomorrow (November 9th) on Global Village with Sergio Mielniczenko:

Somnitone – Juvenilia

Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack – Out from Underground

Joey Spencer – Your Warm Bones

Mascara Hera – Phaeton

Victor Disque feat. A Problem Like Maria – Frank

That’s the order the tracks will play in the program, but there might not be enough time for all of them to air. Tracks left out should be featured on the next show.

Time: from 11am to 13pm (Pacific Time) on South California’s KPFK radio station.

You can listen to the show from anywhere on this streaming link.


inb4track-KPFK’s Global Village collaboration


Today was the first day of collaboration between inb4track and Sergio Mielniczenko, host of Friday’s edition of Global Village, which airs from 11am to 13pm (Pacific Time) on South California’s KPFK radio station. We recommend some of the best homemade music tracks we have listened to and Sergio figures out what he wants to do with them.

You can listen to the show from anywhere on this streaming link. There’s an archive for today’s show here.

The following tracks aired today (all by people from The Hai):


The Hai – In & Out

Review of their previous album, Pop Songs, here.

Just recapitulating, The Hai is a sort of internet music supergroup, a handful of people from all over the world who met by posting their music on the Internet and being some of the very best at it. It’s unfortunate that I can’t review their output as fast as they can release it. After this album there has already been another one called Temperatures, and that’s not talking about the individual albums that keep coming up. The always wonderful A Problem Like Maria has just released Saudade, a very touching album, some of the best music I have listened from her. Before that, Mattir, The Flying Batteries, Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack (reviewed here) and other members of the group have all come out with interesting albums that I can’t recommend enough. It’s all in their website.

Now let’s start the proper review.

The theme of this album is sex. As usual, it doesn’t mean that every track will be straightforward about it, specially the EDM tracks. Something has to be said about the track order selection in both albums I have reviewed though, it is optimal in balancing out the different styles of the musicians, in such a way that even if the EDM tracks don’t clearly deal with the overall theme, they always sound like an intercession, they just fit nicely in the overall progression. Perhaps this is one of the most subtle qualities of the group’s output: how can all these different people from these different places come up with something that feels whole and balanced? It can’t be a simple affair. And that’s not dealing with the same happening in the tracks themselves, carved by multiple sets of hands apart from each other.

These guys are bursting with creativity and they keep it in a tight leash of perfectionist music-making practices, every synth that comes and goes is perfectly tailored, specially in the EDM tracks. It all sounds anything but home-made. StratosFear’s Approaching Summer is a shining example,  as well as Rekapper’s When and MaximiliaN’s chilling track, adorned with equally chilling vocals by A Problem Like Maria. I was also impressed by her own track, Slow. It’s about sex alright.

Meanwhile, every single one of the straightforward songs has a satisfying feeling of inspired, well-made mainstream music. Somnitone’s closing track might be the winning song this time around, I figure it’s absolutely radio ready. Musically, there’s no reason why these people couldn’t take over the world. Everything is so fucked up in music though, who knows what will happen. If these times were like up to the early 90’s, they would be selling millions by now. It’s already good enough to be released by a regular label, that’s for sure.


Shakey Graves – Roll the Bones

This is one of the absolute best albums I have listened to coming from the internet homemade music scene, straight from Austin, Texas. It’s incredibly pretty music, but it’s also mature, complex and rich of emotion. The lyrics are wonderful, delivered with beautiful singing in breathtaking melody. The banjo-playing is just perfect. Taken aback by the quality of the first track, I thought to myself that they couldn’t keep that level for the whole album, and wondered if any track is less than repeat-listening worthy. None at all. The last song is one of the most beautiful also.

The album goes back and forth between alternative country a purer folk and country music, with a few stops for overwhelming Tom Waits influence (Tracks 7 and 9, at least). You get the great feeling of listening to something that has deep root in culture. For Americans, the “100% made in America” feel must be very satisfying. The lyrical content is less rooted in the imagery of its lyrical content, but that’s skin-deep. The deep American folk view of looking at the world is the most important thing to preserve, and it’s all here. The folk phraseology is there, the way of talking, centered on very real things and their emotional meaning, with expressions such as “cherished more than gold” and “I think I’ve grown a little thinner”. No embarrassing stories about a horse sung by a twenty-something guy, just a country sort of thinking and talking, such as in the marvelous “Proper Fence”. A spoken voice sample about the penis is the only very disconnected thing I could find, in the most out-there tracks, the farther away from country, with a nice alternative country melody.

Only bad thing I can say about this is that I miss having the lyrics somewhere. (edit: lyrics here)


/mu/sicians – soundcloud thread

I posit that the best homemade music on the internet is made by /mu/sicians. Let’s see if it is true.

Starting off with “space folk”. I like the singing, it’s simple and straightforward, but delivers emotion. The “space” part comes after about two minutes. It’s an interesting and effective track all in all. I’d listen to more of this.

EDM with some reggae influence. Seems fitting to be played to a crowd. It’s no feat of genius, but it’s cool to listen to and the reggae samples fit very well.

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Best of /mu/ Contest – Vol. 2

Better late than never. I continue to believe /mu/ is the best music board on the Internet. Meanwhile, /mu/sicians make some of the most interesting homemade music I have heard on the Internet. I personally think it beats most of “mainstream” independent music, that is, music released by labels and positively reviewed by Pitchfork and the such, and this compilation proves that shit. Now let’s get down to business:

Rekapper – Tripcrop

It’s a trip alright, not only the track but listening to Rekapper’s stuff in general. He is capable of anything in electronic music, and everything he does is absurdly well made and polished, always surrounded with very good taste and synth play. It’s a work of obsession and long hours of hard work. After listening to hours of his music, I have come to the state where when I listen to electronic music, I immediately compare to his music. There are many electronic musicians on soundcloud, he’s the best, most interesting and inventive I have heard.

This track in particular has many beautiful and interesting details, laid down on a soft, sleepy carpet of dreams. Listening on good headphones is probably recommended, but I bet it was mixed to perfection on any setup you have at hand. The track develops nicely, slowly building interesting juxtapositions, than deconstructing  them unexpectedly, always unexpectedly. It’s a feast.

The MACHINE – Building a New House for Skrillex

Interesting experiment in making music with noises, mostly raw and unpleasant, fitting the witty theme. This can be silly and awful, like this piece of shit, but halfway through the track you forget the joke-like substance of the collection of sounds, because it fits together in a a musically sound way. It’s by no way a mess, it follows a structure, develops and changes in the right times and in interesting ways. Cool track, not the sort you forget easily, not the sort you only listen to once.

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Foxxhound and 28 North – live at The Mint, Los Angeles, August 5

Beautiful concert, very pretty, well-constructed music. Acoustic guitar, cello, drums. It’s all gentle, all of it including the singing, with the exception of the lyrics. They carry real drama, feeling and are pretty interesting in themselves. Not as “song about absurd concept”, but as “yet another take, interesting at that, on real life stuff”.

The album linked above includes the songs they played and it’s pretty good as well.

You know, “indie”. Is it exceptional? Sorry dudes, I don’t think so. It isn’t as hard as it seems to find nice music around. Damn if it doesn’t feel good when you actually find it though. Has this band enriched my musical appreciation? Nope. But I feel glad I won’t die without listening to “When you wish upon a bar” and “Seams”, because they are gorgeous and our universe isn’t  infinite, it isn’t even the only one. There are actually many universes sitting side by side in the cosmos, the scientists are trying to prove it by finding sings from another universe sitting next to ours. You know? It’s all so big, there are so many aliens we will never meet because everything in the multiverse is so far away, we just do things and die here in this universe, what’s the point. But those songs are pretty, so I’m glad I didn’t die yesterday before going to the place.

They were very, very fun. But they don’t have bandcamp or soundcloud. Here’s their website:

Anyhow, as the lead singer mentioned, the 90’s were pretty awesome, and they really have their hand at the 90’s version of pure rock n roll, the Guns n Roses sort of stuff. It isn’t the most interesting music, but it’s pretty fun alright, I wish them the best. Since they have been opening for more notorious bands and actually touring the US, it kind of falls outside of the scope of the blog. This is more like a recommendation to go see them if they are in town.

Two other bands played, Gabe Rosenn Band and Lumaria. The first is one of those blues bands, you know? Yeah. Lumaria is awful.