Best of /mu/ Contest – Vol. 2

Better late than never. I continue to believe /mu/ is the best music board on the Internet. Meanwhile, /mu/sicians make some of the most interesting homemade music I have heard on the Internet. I personally think it beats most of “mainstream” independent music, that is, music released by labels and positively reviewed by Pitchfork and the such, and this compilation proves that shit. Now let’s get down to business:

Rekapper – Tripcrop

It’s a trip alright, not only the track but listening to Rekapper’s stuff in general. He is capable of anything in electronic music, and everything he does is absurdly well made and polished, always surrounded with very good taste and synth play. It’s a work of obsession and long hours of hard work. After listening to hours of his music, I have come to the state where when I listen to electronic music, I immediately compare to his music. There are many electronic musicians on soundcloud, he’s the best, most interesting and inventive I have heard.

This track in particular has many beautiful and interesting details, laid down on a soft, sleepy carpet of dreams. Listening on good headphones is probably recommended, but I bet it was mixed to perfection on any setup you have at hand. The track develops nicely, slowly building interesting juxtapositions, than¬†deconstructing¬† them unexpectedly, always unexpectedly. It’s a feast.

The MACHINE – Building a New House for Skrillex

Interesting experiment in making music with noises, mostly raw and unpleasant, fitting the witty theme. This can be silly and awful, like this piece of shit, but halfway through the track you forget the joke-like substance of the collection of sounds, because it fits together in a a musically sound way. It’s by no way a mess, it follows a structure, develops and changes in the right times and in interesting ways. Cool track, not the sort you forget easily, not the sort you only listen to once.

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Best of /mu/ Contest, Vol. II – Review of Submitted Tracks (Part 1)

Once again motherfucker, let’s do this. I will keep this shit brief so I can hopefully review everything this time.

Last year when inb4track was just starting out Carpeaux took on the task of reviewing submissions for the first ‘Best of /mu/’ compilation album. The idea was to compile a set of tracks that reflected the collective music interests and endeavors of independent musicians, specifically that of /mu/. This year another Best of /mu/ contest is taking place and once again, inb4track is setting out to review each individual track.

Kingtommen – Based

Nice track, spacey, sparse, beautiful. If you stop to think about it, the sort of Kid A influence is all around us and we barely notice it at this point, everything is sort of strange and otherwordly, but the shock from 2001 is gone, we are living in the fucking future now, no one gives a shit anymore. Yeah, and this track also.

Mascara Hera – Phaethon

Pretty, competent, gorgeous synths, the singing sound ethereal and nice. It also gets boring after some time. I don’t know, I just keep wishing for something awesome to come up, but it never does. But damn, it’s only 2 minutes and a half long, so either I shouldn’t be such an ass to expect so much from such a short track, or the track would benefit from an added section. Anyhow, what little there is here, is good.

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