Sea Breezes – Summer Demo 2011

Sea Breezes was a short lived band from Baltimore. They are made up of musicians Justin Marc Lloyd, Kyle Steely, Mike Hallett, and Derek Flynn. Sea Breezes fuses the aggressive nature of screamo with spacey, atmospheric, noisy, and experimental sounds.

Sea Breezes music is often full of chaotic, complex, and eclectic melodies providing an overwhelming energetic presence that is maintained throughout this short release. The band rides on energy and emotion but can turn the fuzz off, sit back and let beautiful spacey melodies take over.  There is a plethora of unique  sounds to be heard; volume swells, modulation, and rotary chorus type sounds, all drenched in reverb and a multitude of other effects.

Two of the three songs are fairly short but impressively, they do a great job implementing some epic and truly powerful builds into their music within a short timespan. On “Faint Young” the band is present in their most complex and energetic, dripping with emotion. Beautiful guitar melodies speed up and slow down in mathy progressions. The track then mellows out into airy drifting ambience. There are some cool sounds to be heard on the track “Nothing is Real But Blue”, featuring a low static-like humming that is present beneath the bands playing which shows off some of the experimental tendencies that are a big part of their music.

Although the musicianship is always spot on, beautiful and clear, the guitars sometimes sounds trebly and lack definition. There are times where the band sounds like they’re playing in a tunnel which could be attributed to the amount of reverb on the guitars. but being that this is a demo it isn’t really much to complain about given that this is a demo and the sound quality is beyond most demos.

Sea Breezes picks out of a variety of enjoyable sounds from multiple styles and genres of music and blends them together while maintaining a certain amount of cohesion in that everything runs together smoothly and clearly. It’s not just another collage of enjoyable sounds but a proper mixture. There are definitely some cool sounds to be heard but knowing what Sea Breezes is attempting to do makes me wish that they had went all out in experimenting as this would have been a fantastic opportunity to make something truly different. It seems like they were onto some good ideas but in the end restrained by formatting them into a template when they could be so much more. Its not really so much that there is anything wrong with the music but I think my disappointment originates from not taking the risk of doing things wrong. At the end of it all Sea Breezes does manage to outshine their few shortcomings in that they excel at creating music that is different yet familiar at the same time. Page

Overall Rating: 7.1

Favorite Track: ‘Faint Young’

Recommended: Looking for some different sounds in the form of something familiar?