2012 Year End List

In the annual tradition of most music review websites and blogs this list showcases my favorite releases of the year. To give you a little bit of perspective into my thoughts on 2012, other than a select few solid releases I was beginning to feel underwhelmed with what the year had to offer. For me, it seemed there was either an insufficient output of what I found to be preferred listening material or I just wasn’t impressed with releases I had been anticipating (Sigur Ros’ ‘Valtari’). Although, disappointed with that lack of music I deemed enjoyable during the first half of the year, the second half proved to be a surprising and welcome change of pace, not only because of the many long anticipated albums seeing a release but also because of my personal discovery of a number of unexpected new acts that resonated with me.

Regardless of how the year began for me it did end with a promising collection of albums, quite a few of which I wouldn’t have discovered without the convenience of other blogs and websites that, like inb4track, cater to the lesser known musical projects on the internet which I believe proves the importance of lists such as these – as a source for curious or adventurous listeners to get the chance to hear the best of what the previous year had to offer. Living in these times, with access to technology at almost any point during our lives I find that we are very fortunate in that nearly any piece of music you could want is available to be heard or downloaded for free. Thanks to the internet we have more options than ever in finding new music and inb4track has provided a way for me to do that and I hope it has provided you, the reader with the same opportunity, to discover new music in this massive ever growing database we call the internet. Although we at inb4track strive to expose listeners to new and often unheard of artists as well as promote these aforementioned unnoticed acts this list is an exception as it does feature a mix of some larger projects along with those hidden gems. With that said, these are my top 15 favorite albums of 2012… cheers!

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