Edical – Ly

Trance inspired by nordic tribal chanting samples, using other similar rough and deep vocal samples – for example, “Church Universal And Triumphant, Inc- Call For Protection (The Sounds Of American Doomsday Cults, 1984)”, as well as other samples invoking being “in the wild” etc. The beats themselves at times sound like traditional drums of some kind of indigenous people. The end result is very powerful and interesting, it really feels like a story, you get pulled into this world this guy created.

The two first tracks, it seems, are more suitable for actual dancing, while the last track is the deepest, apparently crafted to be listened and enjoyed. But everything is so thoughtful and has so much effort that even the other two – specially the first – are very much suitable for quiet listening as well. Do not leave this review without at least listening to the 2:20 of the first track. It’s an incredibly rewarding and well-constructed build-up from the deep vocal samples to the actual finished dancing music.

So, if you are into EDM and feel like something serious and deep, go for it right now, this is a powerful musical journey.