Inb4track Has Moved

Hello everyone, I first started writing for this blog back in 2010 when a lot of others writers were participating in reviewing music on here and I continued up until mid 2013. Around that time I started to focus more on my school work and personal work as I prepared to graduate from college and stopped writing altogether for the blog.

Now we are well into 2015 and there is a lot of great music I missed out on sharing and talking about last year and already there is a lot of music coming out this year that I would like to talk about. With that I’m moving inb4track to a new blog space for the purposes of sharing with a larger audience and a way of starting out with a clean new space.

If you’ve followed up until this point, commented on the blog, liked the Facebook page or have been in a band or part of a project and submitted music thank you and you can continue to do the same at the new blog. I will try to be more direct and thorough when interacting on the new blog.

If you are a band or musician or have a project you think I would enjoy please share it with me at the below address and I will do my best to listen to it and possibly review it given the time I have.


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-Tyler Thompson