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Prosthetic Leg

Prosthetic Leg Upcoming Album

Prosthetic Leg – Soviet

This is a journey into sound, the crazy sampling sounds of Prosthetic Leg, a triphop breakbeat artist, with a whole bunch of nice grooving trumpet and bass samples, along with some powering dark and rich vocal samples that make listening to the album, feel like your listening to a movie. He has the sampling and sound productions skill that you would have heard in anything original like Bulljun’s earlier albums or even in Tonda Trio’s – Slow Bullets album, the sounds of waves breaking, a fuzzy tape, etc.  At the same time this is not anything like the sounds you’d hear from any DJ Premier album or from a DJ Shadow top ten track, it just has that rougher feel.  Prosthetic Leg pulled off this sound that gives you a warm feeling of an older tape or a record spinning on a darker damp day.

Individual track reviews from the album: [Track # – Track Title – Review]

04 – Squares – Great ambient and beats piece, by far my favorite of Prosthetic Leg’s work. With a relaxing sounds of waves, and wind from a beach, and vocal samples from all over that blend in with the peaceful sounds, and topped off with some nice jazzy licks from an acoustic guitar. If there was one track to listen to on the album or to keep it would be this one.

07 – Coffee – Sounds like someone wandering out into the busy streets of LA looking for a coffee stand, a great description of the title itself. Some wild beats keeps the subs pumping at the same time as some keys bumping.

08 – Peace – Great vocal lines, might be a little louder then every track on the album, but still great work between sax licks and some organic brass pads. Another dark track on this album that I enjoyed.

09 – Death – Perfect opposite of the last track, it’s the great break for this album, and the rhythm leaves you looking for more urban sounding beats. Another chill and relaxed great track that still keeps your head nodding.

12 – Soviet – Another great showing of Prosthetic Leg’s vocal sampling for the intro and follows up with some light keys, brass and clap to create what is one of the best outro tracks of an album I have heard in 5 years. At the same time it gives you that feel that your listening to an old worn record.

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