Break Your Legs – Ghostcore

Break Your Legs - Ghostcore

On their Bananastand Records debut, ‘Ghostcore’, New Brunswick trio, Break Your Legs employ an assault of noisy, fuzz-drenched shredding infused with tasty rock n’ roll flavored punk.

‘Ghostcore’ is 9 tracks of straightforward noisy punk rock, an album with an affinity for sloppy playing, lo-fi production, hazy party punk anthems, and a pop sensibility that brings it all together in a package that is fun but still has a little bit of bite. While much of the time the vocalist can be heard shouting his head off over a mesh of distortion thick guitars it is all at a certain pace, not too fast yet not too slow but just loud enough to bang your head to while taking momentary breaks to sip a beer.

The fried vocals and fuzz-buried riffs sound perfect together, a wholeheartedly lo-fi experience, one that is best heard on cassette tape or played through a set of some old worn out speakers in a damp basement. Throughout every song, Break Your Legs hardly lays off of their love for intensity but with that said, it’s no secret that this is pop music at its most basic and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Where ‘Ghostcore’ feels scuzzy and grimy it is at once fun, refreshing, and simple.

It’s apparent that ‘Ghostcore’ is a sort of lightly themed album as indicated by the opener, a brief intro, the aptly titled, ‘HAIL SATAN’, which features an excerpt from the horror film ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ as the band plays along in the background. The track is followed by ‘Brace Yourself, Chick’, a surprisingly anthemic, upbeat transition from the former, a style that many of the tracks on ‘Ghostcore’ follow. The vocalist sounds like if Dave Grohl (of the Foo Fighters) just finished smoking an entire pack of cigarettes at once while listening to some early Misfits records and the production is at best basement-studio quality — in other words ‘Ghostcore’ couldn’t be more perfect for what it is, an album full of head-banging gems.

The horror-inspired themes return in tracks like ‘Laundry Ghost’ and ‘The Ballad of Manwolf Sharkpuncher’, a track that begs the listener to come howl at the moon, although the band never strays far from the straightforward rock n’ roll licks and grimy punk shredding. If Break Your Legs was looking to create a punk record with lightly inspired horor-themed lyrics then they succeeded at that but as indicated by ‘Every Rose Has It’s November Rain (On A Prayer)’, a humorous track that ends with lyrics ripped straight from Bon Jovi’s ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’, a butchered gang vocal “WHA,OOAH WE’RE HALFWAY THEERRE!”, makes me feel as though this band is better at simply writing great party punk songs without the inclusion of the horror movie samples, which mostly feel out of place among the good songwriting.

Although the band’s debut sounds as though the were struggling with a definitive direction the tracks alone are a fun listen that will undoubtedly feel at home on the tape deck.

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Overall Rating: 6.3

Favorite Tracks: ‘Brace Yourself, Chick’, ‘Laundry Ghost’, and ‘Every Rose Has It’s November Rain (On A Prayer)’

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Released: 30 April 2013


Stream ‘Ghostcore’ on Soundcloud.

Grab a limited edition cassette over at the bandcamp page.

-Tyler Thompson

2 thoughts on “Break Your Legs – Ghostcore

  1. White Fang, too, should be listened to on cassette on worn out speakers in a damp basement. I’m at least listening to this in a damp basement. Definitely matches the mood.

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