Glasslung – Abreaction (Track Review)

Glasslung - Abreaction

For most of us living in the midwestern United States, it’s still winter, a time of year fitting for mood music, whatever that may be in terms of your respective tastes. For me, ambient, drone and music of that kind are most suitable for the time of year, a season that much like the aforementioned style of music is, in a sense, restrictive. It is a time in which we find ourselves indoors the most, where grey skies linger daily, and a time when we purposefully subject ourselves to seclusion. Music of this kind has always provided me with this gripping and arresting atmosphere, an enveloping quality that has the ability to be restrictive while at once liberating.

Much like the seasons, Glasslung continues to change along with them. In the fall of last year the one man Columbus, OH project released ‘New Martyrs’, an album that marked a distinct transition. Where 2011’s Callous was an album comprised of drifting melodic ambience, ‘New Martyrs’ was an album that aimed for something darker while still retaining the subtle ambient progressions found on earlier works. Glasslung continued this stylistic transition, this time in a more immediate fashion with the confrontational noise-ridden collaboration with noise musician, Jahktute. ‘Abreaction’ is the latest track from the project, a track that shows Glasslung’s intent to continue his exploration of the noisier side of ambient music.

Much like the work heard on his split with Jahktute, ‘Abreaction’ is a textural soundscape of audio decay that from the beginning grips the listener with speaker tearing distortion. Rippling and growing louder in volume the track builds to a crushing intensity, leading us through a continuously dark listen that eventually progresses into a hollow distant roar. Where the first half is a intense foray into a fuzz-drenched excursion the second half of the track is more reserved, surrounding one with a thick haze of reverberated ambience, disembodied howls, and a longing painful tenderness. ‘Abreaction’ is a very engaging drone track, one that goes from swallowing listeners in and torrential storm of unsettling noises to slowly digesting them in a sea of glacially moving sounds.

Look for ‘Abreaction’ on the upcoming album entitled, ‘Lack’.

-Tyler Thompson

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