/mu/sicians – soundcloud thread

I posit that the best homemade music on the internet is made by /mu/sicians. Let’s see if it is true.

Starting off with “space folk”. I like the singing, it’s simple and straightforward, but delivers emotion. The “space” part comes after about two minutes. It’s an interesting and effective track all in all. I’d listen to more of this.

EDM with some reggae influence. Seems fitting to be played to a crowd. It’s no feat of genius, but it’s cool to listen to and the reggae samples fit very well.

Well made sort of pop rock, from St. Louis apparently. It isn’t half bad with its ready to please structure, hooks, chorus, interlude, everything by the book. One commenter said “Suddenly I’m 17 again”, and it does really nail that feeling.

Again, well made, a sort of “indie”, seems detached from our time period, maybe coming from a mid naughties vibe. Has some nice moments to it, up to the break into gentle piano in the end, it seems like a great gig crowd pleaser. I like this one, it shoes taste for back to basics rock n roll, which we always need a little bit of.

Just a little experiment. This would be a pretty great intro to a fully developed song. It nails the feeling of preparation for something greater ahead. This person is also responsible for slaughtering Smells Like Teen Spirit and calling it perfect.

Wow, it really took long for the first ambient track to kick in. I get the love for ambient, the sort of sound manipulation behind it is responsible for some serious frisson-inducing in great tracks we all love. It’s also a pretty elitist and niche thing to do, so yeah.

Anyway, it is ambient. It’s slow, calm and beautiful like they tend to be. The synth play is gentle and pretty, it’s well done, I can’t help but like it.

Chill electronic music, messing around on the panning. Goes into drone mode at times, showing that the crowd-pleasing tone of the intro was only skin deep. It’s an interesting experiment with a handful of synths and beats and how they play together. Goes to town on the drone near the end. It’s sort of uneven, but isn’t half bad. Half a dozen more tracks of playing around could lead to something pretty cool.

Spooky is the arch-enemy of pacman, apparently. It’s a cool idea for an EDM track with a little bit of 8-bit. It’s crowd pleaser, I’m sure people would enjoy dancing to this in a club.

Another indie track. And it also sounds detached from our time. It sounds a bit douchy at times though, it’s the singer’s voice, I guess it doesn’t carry emotion quite correctly. As in, “for a whiiiiiiile, for a while…” you know? It’s kind of artificial. Or when the singing goes to a higher pitch, like “for a WHIIII”. Meh, didn’t like it very much. It’s well recorded and mixed though, it sounds professional. Has a pop rock feeling to it, not the good kind.

Beautiful fingerpicking acoustic guitar track. Listen to it if you are on the mood for that. There are plenty of other tracks in that style in his page. It’s a pretty good substitute for ambient if you ask me, but it isn’t “classical contemporary”

and… back to EDM. This is Trip-Hop apparently. Nice track, very effective in conveying a specific sort of feeling. Some dude complained about the vocals in the comments, but the vocals are fine. I like how the track is always changing and keeps interesting.

Now a hip-hop beat. I’m not sure it would work particularly well with rapping over it. As it is, it kind of gets boring fast, always the same synth effects on the back. Then again, it’s a short track. It’s a good experiment, but more effort would be needed to make it a great track.

First strange track of the thread. It is strange alright. The whole album is like that as far as I can tell. It’s crazy stuff. Go for it if you like crazy stuff. I can’t say I enjoyed it, and I have enjoyed some strange stuff in the past. It just sort of gets boring.

Kind of freak folk, not too freak though. The lyrics are pretty good, the music is simple, but works, mainly because of the careless and cool harmony singing. It’s a pretty song, what can I say, make more of it. Here’s the whole album, presumably with more of this stuff.

Too gentle. Gets boring fast.

Trying to do something different is always a good thing. It sure as hell beats just making normal music. This is no statement of man’s worth, but it’s sort of strange, I like the strong hammering guitar work and the unambitious main vocals, they sound true, they sound like coming from a real person. Good addition the synths in the end, the song would sound kind of empty without them I suppose. I like this track, it’s just cool.

A 8 minutes track, full of different tracks and some pretty moments and synths. It’s no marvel to wonder at, but I can see why the author is proud of it. It’s ambitious in its simplicity, delivers well a sort of feeling, is pretty and well-developed.

Listened to the third track of this album a week or so ago, made me download the album. It’s pretty cool and laid back. My favorite from this guy is this one though. It’s cool music, sort of different. It works well in its particular style.

Noisy, messy, angsty song. It’s not very special right now, but I like the feeling of the singing. A half a dozen new songs into the future this could be pretty good. Also a ITAOTS cover.

Our friend Chemical Religion is stepping out of the batshit insane music-making business apparently. Unfortunately this song isn’t very good, the singing is quite bad and it’s awfully recorded. I take it it’s just a quick recording. The song title made me chuckle though.

Post-rock track, it has that sort of feeling of guided jam session. I enjoyed listening to it, it just kind of works. The sporadic singing is also very fitting. It’s a nice track for it’s genre, but nothing too spectacular.

Pretty good track. Very noisy and intense, with an enveloping build-up that never seems to stop. It’s rock n roll, I like it. Must be awesome to listen to live. A comment gets it perfectly: “What a trip!”

Cool and elegant track. Enjoyed listening to it.

Sleek and luxurious track, sounds like an artifact from another age, perhaps the 90’s. It’s quite varied, plenty of changes, plenty of new synths showing up here and there. Good work.

Very subtle, minimalist ambient track. Enjoyed it, might make you sleep.

Ska with a punk vibe at times, especially the lyrics. If enjoy that, it does it perfectly. I’ll say it, it’s perfect ska punk. It’s just so entertaining to hear “the american dream is just a lie” in the happy sort of way that ska convey. Wholly enjoyed listening to it.

It’s an interesting experiment. I mean, it takes you on this ride, building and building in strangeness, never quite becoming a fully developed track. It’s entertaining in a particular way, in the realm of ideas or something.

This dude makes interesting singer-songwritter stuff. The music is mainly a vehicle for the lyrics and singing. It works because the lyrics are quirky and sincere. It’s basically the same that I wrote about him when he only had 4 songs in his soundclooud page, in one of the first posts of the blog.

EDM, it isn’t too bad, but isn’t particularly good either. Meh, gets boring fast.

A noisy cover of Stand By Me. The non-obvious synth melody on the back works surprisingly well with the melody. It’s no marvel, but it isn’t bad.


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