Mont Saint Michel – Through Wake (Track Review)

‘Through Wake’ is the latest track from one man recording project, Mont Saint Michel to be released on the full length debut, Earthless next month.

Mont Saint Michel initially caught my attention earlier this year with the release of the 5 track EP, Sediment, an instrumental album that contained an even combination of lush ambient and textural shoegaze that proved to be catchy without sacrificing artistic merit and the experimental nature of the music itself.

On the track ‘Through Wake’, MSM continues to explore the aspects of his music that made the melancholic and sometimes mysterious sound of his EP stand out so well but with a different approach this time around. With ‘Sediment’ many of the sounds were masked in effects making it hard to tell exactly what was producing them; they created this unstructured wall of freeform sound were-as ‘Through Wake’ features a more straightforward guitar driven approach that sees the organic flow of Sediment taking a back seat as repetition and atmosphere become the focus.

This track has me curious to hear what MSM has in store with Earthless. Keep your eyes peeled.

Recommended: Check out MSM’s ‘Sediment’.

Released: 23 May 2012

Links: Visit MSM on Bandcamp


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