Best of /mu/ Contest, Vol. II – Review of Submitted Tracks (Part 1)

Once again motherfucker, let’s do this. I will keep this shit brief so I can hopefully review everything this time.

Last year when inb4track was just starting out Carpeaux took on the task of reviewing submissions for the first ‘Best of /mu/’ compilation album. The idea was to compile a set of tracks that reflected the collective music interests and endeavors of independent musicians, specifically that of /mu/. This year another Best of /mu/ contest is taking place and once again, inb4track is setting out to review each individual track.

Kingtommen – Based

Nice track, spacey, sparse, beautiful. If you stop to think about it, the sort of Kid A influence is all around us and we barely notice it at this point, everything is sort of strange and otherwordly, but the shock from 2001 is gone, we are living in the fucking future now, no one gives a shit anymore. Yeah, and this track also.

Mascara Hera – Phaethon

Pretty, competent, gorgeous synths, the singing sound ethereal and nice. It also gets boring after some time. I don’t know, I just keep wishing for something awesome to come up, but it never does. But damn, it’s only 2 minutes and a half long, so either I shouldn’t be such an ass to expect so much from such a short track, or the track would benefit from an added section. Anyhow, what little there is here, is good.

Realm of Mind – The Journey Pt. 3

OK now, stop for a second. What the fuck is this? This is some kind of epic 8-bit track, what the hell. It’s fast and gritty and intense. I love this track, what the fuck is going on. It’s always changing and never lame. Great.

Nexod – Bout Ta Bubble – Tach N9ne Remix

This is a dubstep track, not half-bad at that. The rapping on top is nice. There’s a nice tense feeling to it, but in the end I’m not very impressed.

UWEFTBH – Malice Implanted by The Creator

Half a minute in, I was pretty sure this was going to suck. Then it turned out into a pretty interesting track.


**I was recently informed that Carpeaux will not be able to review any more submission for the time being due to problems with the internet connection. With that said I will be reviewing all entries until noted.** -Redntoothnclaw

Michigan Youth Transit – Heatwave

A noisy electronic piece ridden with distorted droning melodies and an obvious shoegaze influence. With a few well placed touches of synth it never becomes monotonous, even in it’s droning form. The song’s pulsating nature is mesmerizing and makes for an addictive track that draws the listener in.

Devon Flaherty – Red, White & Blue Skies Over Pittsburgh

Devon Flaherty sings in a spoken word style to this single stroke style strumming. With the emotionless vocals and bland playing the track felt extremely dry although, Flaherty’s vocals do have a certain charm, unique to his stripped down brand of folk that gives off a necessary touch of honesty.

_Lander – Lansing

Lansing is a soothing track complete with great guitar work. The vocals are the highlight of Lansing, warm and soothing. When things get stale Lansing changes from strumming to brief passages of melodic playing to keep things fresh.

Hotel Mint – When the Morning Comes

Haunting, ghastly, eerie, these are all words that describe this grim track. The reverb drenched vocals are distant, breathy and dying; what I think a female fronted Giles Corey might sound like. The track constantly peaks which for some is going to be dubbed as unlistenable but in the context of what Hotel Mint is attempting to express the addition of the peaking is a welcomed one.

PiscoDunk – Noche

PiscoDunk makes an attempt to create an instrumental rock track but flubbed guitar notes and sloppy playing get in the way of this one. What kills me the most is the drums which are computer generated and obvious in the worst way. The drums and guitar constantly fight for a position in the foreground making it hard to enjoy the guitar work, which is a disaster of it’s own.


With Harazz’s sprawling sound, the producer brings together choir-like vocal samples and hazzy production that harkens back to the trendy sound of witchhouse but unfortunatly fails to include anything truly exciting. The biggest detractor is the bassline, which is a goofy and unfitting choice that subtracts from the atmosphere of this track, much of which feels directionless and boring overall.

MC MASTAPISS – Wanna smoke da weed

As expected from the name of the musician and the title of the track this is probably the most #based and #rare song I have heard yet… and by that I mean it is unlistenable trash… of course in the most #based way possible. 11/10 best music forever.

Chichikov – memorias del subcielo

Great guitar tone. Nice use of serene cleans placed againsts crunchy distortion. At first the roomy drums didn’t really do much for me, although, I feel like without them this song would feel directionless. Chichikov appropriatly makes use of ambience and repitition to create a moody piece of music that takes its time and turns out to be a reward by the end of it all.

chikenyogurt – What

I have never been a fan of chiptune music. The style alone just seems antique to me, which is a biased and unfair statement considering the whole of the style is based on reinventing an obsolete form of music but I just can’t shake it. Although I am not fond of this style of music, chikenyogurt comes through with a solid track that grabs my attention toward the end. The production is a little thin and I feel like things could have been beefed up with the inclusion of a little bass or midtones just to even things out.

louis-gautgier – Robot culinaire

On ‘Robot Culinaire’ fast-paced break beats, plenty of sounds, and impenetrable bass grooves unify to form this smooth and futuristic ever-evolving piece of electronic music. Addicting.

h+ – Hoia Baciu

This is the first track released by ambient-noise musician h+. There is a distinguishable melody present which is different for what is considered normal in most noise music. Foreboding distorted howls and screeches keep me interested.

OxKing – Star Squids

This progressive house tune begins with an ambient intro brimming with washes of white noise that leads into a simple synth beat. There isn’t much going on, which is probably the point but even so, I feel like there could have been smaller details that could have been added to spice things up and make for a more interesting track because despite the genre tag, this song does not feel very progressive to me.

Fervor Theory – Railway Children

Acoustic guitars take the spotlight on this airy track which is basically just some guitar noodling over a sample of a Seamus Heaney poem. The sample is so high in the mix at times that it drowns out the guitar, the only source of musicality which is already hindered by the chopping tremolo effect that makes the guitar sound like a wavering unclear mess.

monouka – Solvalude

Solvalude is a short mashup of chip-tune production and rapping. The production is loud and erratic which disrupts what could have been a fun short song.

TheStaticDin – The Ebenezer Gospel Spectacular

On ‘The Ebenezer Gospel Spectacular’ TheStaticDin works with little; megaphone effected vocals and guitar appear to be the only source of the music but he makes it work by adding on vocal overdubs and shrieking guitar to the pallet as the track progresses. The frame of mind lyrics go well with this blues flavored tune.

P/\ULO – Setting Sun

The traditional sounds of acoustic guitar and piano mashed together with the electronic sound of orchestral synths and triumphant beats make for a solid end result. The arrangement shows evidence of working toward a climactic end point but I can’t help but feel that the intensity that was meant to be there is absent and without it ‘Setting Sun’ fairs as a mediocre piece that could have been better with a few adjustments.


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