Graham F – I’m Warm

This four track EP is the second release by ambient musician Graham F. Much like the album cover, the whole of this album is surrounded by separate sounds spiraling into each other, swirling together to create a sound filled colorful synths and mostly structureless ambient music.

‘I’m Warm’ features an eclectic mix of sounds; samples, field recordings, and thick analogue bleeps and bloops that really do the name of this recording justice. The synths are rich featuring bright swells with bassy undertones riding almost unnoticed beneath them. The first track reminds me a lot of ‘Emeralds’ with a collaging of sounds that overwhelm the listener as it carries over into ‘A Step In Two’ that brings a little structure into the mix with more defined bass and disjointedly arranged synths. The third track is full of more of the same floaty swells, riveting tones, and pulsating synths but again adds more definition by bringing the elements of the music closer together, getting them to interact a bit more where they did not on previous tracks. ‘I’m No Longer Warm” is the most beat oriented of all four and really unleashes some of the built up tension that results from the indirectness of the other tracks. This is an EP I highly recommend listening throug in one sitting given that all of the tracks run into each other, each one setting up the next; it kind of works as a mini epic of sorts, each track becoming more organized and fleshed out, building toward a finale until the final track which features some solid beats and the realization of what Graham F has been working toward throughout the EP.

‘I’m Warm’ shows a departure from the largely beat influenced music heard on the ‘Night Lights’ EP with this new release focusing on the atmosphere and progression throughout four tracks that doesn’t always satisfy so much as it does meander. The nice sounds are there, the synths are resonant and appropriately layered making for nice textures but the music just doesn’t quite flow or bring these components together. It would be different if Graham F. were creating a completely formless piece of music but the music just teases at becoming a unified entity which never actually happens until the final song. In certain parts the EP lags a little but where ‘I’m Warm’ shines is with it’s bright and cheerful tracks, all of which give off feelings of nostalgia and child-like wonder that I can’t help but like

Overall rating: 7.0

Favorite Track: ‘I’m No Longer Warm’

Recommended: Emeralds. Listening to loops of waterfalls and faint memories of wanderlust.

Released: 09 December 2011

Links: Chill out on Bandcamp


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