SLSFTI – Dzeja for Leela

SLSFTI is the one man experimental recording project of Spencer Lebute. ‘Dzeja for Leela’ is a collection of short songs comprised of spoken word poetry and sound collages. According to the bandcamp page the music on this release reflects a conversation with one of Spencer’s friend’s Leela.

The combination of noise music and poetry sounds like a neat idea, something that really made me look forward to listening to this album but as it turns out this is unfortunatly not the case. The production quality is possibly ‘Dzeja for Leela’s’ biggest ditractor. The sounds are so saturated and at times Spencer’s voice sounds like it is either covered in some distortion effect or that it is constantly peaking. Although we are talking about noise here, an experimental style of music that relies heavily on atonality and cacophany these aspects of the music are not influencing it positivly but are instead retracting from the poetry. The track ‘Representation of a Past Imperative’ is the best example of this with these eclectic piano noodlings that are looped throughout the track which becomes a distraction and a headache while Spencer incessantly spouts out a slew of nearly incoherent words masked in grainy digital distortion.

Many of the songs on this EP feel like they were rushed and slapped together. The sounds and noises are far too distracting and they end up fragmenting and forcing the listener away from the focus of the music which should be the poetry. Many times, musicians can get away with burying the vocals underneath sounds, whether that be distortion or walls of reverb, especially so in the case of shoegaze acts but at that point the vocals are already unintelligible enough in the case that they are used as another instruments or a textural element within the music and with that they serve their purpose. Because the focus of this music is on its poetry, words, and what they mean it confuses me as to why these words would be surrounded with such distracting compositions when the intention of poetry is reflected in the listener’s interpretation of these words.

Overall rating: 3.0

Favorite Track:


Released: 27 February 2012

Links: SLSFTI on Bandcamp


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