2gi – Cartello Fiorentino

After 26 years living in the Third World, I’m moving to LA next April. I guess this is my chance to finally actually understand electronic music, if I’m not too old for that already.

What I don’t get is this: I thought people were supposed to dance to electronic music. I had listened to Stockhausen and other strange stuff (some kind of early masters of electronic music compilation I downloaded in the eMule times), so yeah I knew that at least not always, but when listening to pop electronic music I thought people were supposed to dance to it. My previous experience with Pitchfork-recommended electronic seemed to vouch for this.

It doesn’t seem like it anymore. At the same time that I stopped reading Pitchfork, I started to get in contact with all of this crazy shit that can’t possibly be danceable. It’s a whole experiment with the infinite possible sounds you can music with, I suppose, and the whole thing has so many subgenres at any given moments that 1) it seems like anyone can come up with another crazy genre, and 2) no one really cares if people are dancing to it.

Fuck if I care. I don’t dance to shit so this crazy electronic music should be right up my alley. The problem is, is this ever performed live? Do people sit around carefully listening to it in some kind of classroom somewhere? Are they so drugged up that they could dance to anything, and thus dance to this stuff?

Fuck if I care. So I just: 1)  listen to this stuff and write down my opinion, judging it as a purely aesthetic experience; 2) ?; 3) profit.

Which brings me to 2gi’s Cartello Fiorentino, the crazy electronic shit I have most recently carefully listened to.

My opinion is that it is completely insane. I’ve listened to experimental psychedelic music and the idea behind it was always to kind of feel strange. But oh no for these electronic musicians this is not the point. The most absolutely batshit crazy stuff is just normal to them. They start with the batshit crazy and then they add Italian vocal samples to it. Not crazy enough? Add glitch sounds, that will do. Don’t ever keep a synth sounding the same for more than 30 seconds, you gotta have 100 different synths in each song. That will do it alright. Sounds come in and out for the one and only time, everything changes according to them, and then everything goes berserk with yet another beat that comes up out of the blue.

So yeah this album is pretty cool. There’s an incredible amount of effort behind it and a very cohese style. It’s like a concept album at that, really. You really feel it’s some strange mind’s best effort at making music that is so insane, insanity becomes the norm and stops being strange altogether. I like it. As for the genre, I name it “badass glitch psychedelic with italian samples”, this album being the best the genre has produced.


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