Mylets – Colossal Grin

I discovered this a day ago on /mu/ from the dude advertising it and I downloaded it but didn’t listen to it until this morning. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the quality of this release. It’s pretty nicely written, has a nice vibe, (when shouting vocals come in) packs an emotional punch, and this album slowly gets more depressing as you move from the beginning to end. If I remember correctly, the guy said this consists solely of him and despite sounding like a full band project.

This album makes good use of guitar looping and layers, along with some effects applied to both the guitar and vocals, but none of it sounds out of place because it’s so well executed.

The first track “Márikoriko Pond” is a short intro track with the vocals and guitar subjected to glitchy loopy sounding effects, which quickly moves into the second track “Hubeli” which sounds like a nice indie pop song and is quite catchy. The third track “Easy 80’s” starts with a distorted guitar and has a bit of a heavier sound than the previous song, while still being pretty poppy but starting to get a little more depressing, not only from the lyrics and vocals, but also the tone of the instrumentation as well.

I won’t go through everything so I don’t spoil it completely for you guys.

Basically this album/EP or whatever it is is really good and you should listen to it

Rating: 8.3/10

– Trelt

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