Park Jefferson – Weekdays

Park Jefferson is an Emo band from both Michigan and Indiana and they are a great example of the Emo scene still thriving in the midwest despite the supposed “death of emo”. Weekdays starts off with a nice emo pop-punk sound that is produced surprisingly well and you can tell instantly that all the members of the band are quite talented with their respective instruments. Everything just “fits” and nothing seems even a little bit out of place.

The album varies in sound from classic high energy jams to slow calm sections with piano and duet vocals (like in Couches). I can’t think of anything that I dislike about this album or band. The vocalist has a fantastic voice, all the instruments are well played, the composition is great, and the production if fantastic as well. I just wish it were longer because it’s a measly ~13 minutes long.

Favorite Track: Astronauts

Rating: 7/10

Recommended?: Yeah

– Trelt

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