DataSphere – Set / Rise

DataSphere is an ambient / noise musician who creates spacey compositions. On the Set / Rise EP DataSphere explores a more claustrophobic approach to the minimalist inspired music that can be heard on previous releases such as ‘Ghost Town’.

When talking about ambient music, I find that albums falling into this category tend to be best listened to altogether, heard as one element as oppose to listening to individual tracks separately. The structure of the music, especially in terms of more abrasive styles such as noise, puts a lot of responsibility on the listener, relying on one to absorb the information, see past a hazy concrete wall of sound and pull out some tangible evidence that music, in the popular sense of the word actually exist beneath all of the chaos. Set / Rise works in this way, best as a juxtaposition that places two extremes beside each other and not in such a way that it is meant to be compared but to be listened to or absorbed together.

‘Drowning’ is a noisy affair albeit it is the softer and more consistent of the two tracks. It starts out with a low rumbling that morphs into fuzzy hollow noise followed by some fantastic textures. For me, the track is the more enjoyable of the two as there as some interesting sounds buried beneath all of what is going on that paints a vivid picture of something cosmic. ‘Abduction’ is a harsher piece that finds DataSphere experimenting with a sort of claustrophobic composition. There are moments where loud shrill sounds can be heard eclectically clashing with each other followed by brief let ups that erupt without warning into more noise.

In terms of harsh noise, DataSphere does a decent job trying to create something enjoyable with something chaotic, making for a structured and somewhat thought out piece. On the downside there just isn’t a lot that stands out with these two tracks to keep me listening and being an EP comprised of two songs alone that doesn’t leave a lot of room for the album to better itself. With that said, the music here isn’t particularly bad in any way, just nothing that separates itself from a sea of similar sounds.

Overall Rating – 5.2

Recommended: Enjoyers of structured harsh noise, Tim Hecker fans might even find a comfortable place here.


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