Organic Computer – The Tangerine Initiative EP

It took me a whole 3 listens to enjoy this album, it has this odd pace to it that keeps you moving along with the relatively simple rhythm and chipsounds.  In one sense it’s almost as powerful and uptempo as YMCK but with an additional bass line and a hiphop feel from a modern rap group.  In one way this is not that great of an album in fact it is very annoying to listen to too often in a row because it’s really missing the organic feel of overtones.  At the same time this album has a wide variety of sound that gives the album the light of day; in fact I wish he would make more music like the acoustic version of A Place Where Things Turn Out Alright.

  Individual tracks worth listening to:

A Place Where Things Turn Out Alright – by far the best track on the album, the bass line blends with the melody and the beat just bangs out in this slow track.

The Internet Says – Such a dark and meaningful track, the vocal samples just lead the track in to this dark feel.

A Place Where (Acoustic) – Such a Nice free and open recording sound for this track, a track that is truly organic and living feel to it.  If there was one song to listen to on the album it would be this and then it’s non-acoustic version.

Download the album for free through this link

Rekapper Overall Rating: 4.143/10

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