Deer Leap + The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die – Are Here to Help You

The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die

Deer Leap

The ending summer, regretful past decisions, long overdue goodbyes; it is strange that bands like these don’t stay around for as long as one might expect, especially when the topics they sing about tend to be the eventual fate of the bands themselves. Release a shitty demo, a couple of EPs, and a full length, and it is over. At least that was the case with My Heart To Joy and Snowing, two of the bigger players in a small scene, who both called it quits this year. It makes me wonder, what will become of the other bands that pursue a similar style? The ones who write the same emotional songs, confessional lyrics, and deliver the same high energy performances. Not to worry though, Deer Leap and The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die “Are Here to Help You” with this split album. Deer Leap plays a style of dramatic post-rock sounding music full of reverb-heavy guitar and soft-spoken vocals, and, on the latter half of the record, The World Is a Beautiful Place plays a youthful, high-energy style of punk blended with volume swells and atmospheric ambience.

Deer Leap starts off the split with “Learned in People,” a short intro that seamlessly leads into the next track, “We Are Not Who We Are,” a song which shows their post-rock influenced sound from the beginning. The guitars create complex and dramatic melodies, accompanied briefly by vocals before returning to a wholly instrumental post-rock style jam. One thing that makes these guys stand out in a sea of similarity are the apathetically sung vocals; they’re delivered like a faint last breath of air leaving a dying body, and that’s something I enjoy in a vocalist. I know many people may feel the exact opposite, but apathy in music doesn’t really bother me. For me it only adds more to the emotional aspects of a song, and what is apathy but a byproduct of emotion? Although I really enjoyed the style of vocals, it definitely would have been nice to hear the vocalist cut loose, even briefly, and really take advantage of all of the intensity in the music. All-in-all, Deer Leap does a good job taking the post-rock sound and condensing it into 4-minute long songs without loosing any complexity, all while adding their own elements into the mix.

The World is a Beautiful Place has only released one demo and two EPs worth of short songs. Prior to this release their entire discography was only 37 minutes long, yet they managed to keep me listening to the same material for some time. Their half of the split starts off at a steady pace; twinkly ambience and volume swells take up the beginning half of the song before erupting into a high-energy burst of tremolo picked guitars followed by “bloops” of analog synth and emotion fueled vocals. The clean vocals on this release come through as confident as ever and contrast nicely with the frantic screaming. The energy they possess and their ability to focus evenly on every element of their song writing, especially the lyrics, makes this band special for me. The lyrics in “Bread For Brett” paint a perfect picture of an autumn night in the suburbs. They’re vague, but perhaps that is what makes them seem so familiar and relatable. I feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia when I listen to them. The World is a Beautiful Place make it apparent that they have a lot of heart and have proved to be a consistently refreshing, uplifting, and engaging band with each release. They put all of their energy into every song without forfeiting the sound quality of the music to sloppy musicianship. Anticipating a full-length release from these guys in the future.

Both bands do a great job and although I checked this split out because of a band I was already into I ended up discovering another great band in the process. Give both bands a look at the links below.

Bandcamp: Deer Leap + The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die

Overall Rating: 8.8

Favorite Tracks: Bread For Brett, Coffee And Keys

Recommended: Those looking for an uplifting and youthful listening experience.

– Redntoothnclaw

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