Best of /mu/ contest on Soundcloud (Part 8)

Keeping on.

Goes Calypso – du, mitt rådjur

Nice electronic track, there’s sort of a retro feel, like The Cure and the sort. Is there something wrong in the sound? Sounds like everything is clipping but I’m guessing this is intentional. I don’t know much more I can say, I see nothing that special with it, but good work, the main synth carries a lot of emotion, it’s a nice track.

Distuition – Bad Who?

Trippy as fuck. What the fuck is going on in my brain? Killer finish. Great job.

Chris Laidler – Denizen  (feat. VanManRadio)

Trippy intro, very disconcerting and puzzling. The strangeness of the intro is always there, creeping behind the most apparent sounds of the track, and for me that makes the song. Nothing could distract me I was so focused on all the little sounds, always something new, stranger, drone/noise stuff coming and going, vocals manipulation… Very interesting and attention grabbing.

Iamsocool131 – Party in the U.S.A. (Remix)

This is not a remix, as far as I can tell it’s a mashup, a very, very trippy mashup. Of course it’s a mess and there is no structure anywhere to be seen, but who cares. It’s an insane trip with Miley Cyrus every now and then. Good work.

Kazer – Bacon Strips

Hard electronic music, very intense. Changes a lot around half way to the end, but it’s always hard and intense. I don’t know what else to say, all this craziness after a long day are starting to freak me out. Seems fun.

Crayon Stars – Timberwolf (ReFix)

Nice rework of the original, it sounds good but I’m not sure the original rapper would like to have this instead of whatever he had instead, the pretty synth doesn’t seem to fit too well with the vocals. Everything else is a bit unimpressive.

f.e.a.r – Night Terror

Another trippy track. There’s a lot going on but it’s very cohese, delivering a specific sort of dark, heady industrial feel, really intense. Nice build-up intro. The exotic interplay of sounds is the man attraction here. Good job.

Wisdumb – The High Road

It’s good rapping as far as I can tell, angry honest confessional etc. The musical background is very well constructed and cool with a feelgood sense of melody, contrasting with the vocals but in a good way. Nice one-liners such as “it’s too late to change your mind” and a bunch of the normal rapping verses. Cool track, I can’t remember if there was another rap track, this might be the best one.

Carpeaux – Gilgamesh, fifth king of Uruk

My track. Hate it at will.

M129 – in lak’ech

Laid-back post-rock track. Sounds kind of deep and has some pretty moments and sections. Most of it is a giant build-up that works really well. I quite like this track, absolutely recommend it to post-rock people.

Vlax – Mr Sun

A laid back pretty electronic track, with some spoken vocal sample over it. Does what it came for well, it makes the sample sound cooler and more interesting. Good work.

Jim T. – This Song Is Getting Closer To Being Done

Seems done to me. Post rock instrumental, but with some spoken vocal samples. has some pretty nice sections and a very rewarding build-up structure. Great work.

Dudelewis – A song for /mu/

Better than anything on ITAOTS by a longshot.

Schizmatix – The Ride

Laid back electronic track, cool beats, spoken vocal samples and some trippy moments. Nice succession of sections, like a bass synth that comes a bit after the 2 minutes mark. Stays cool and pleasing the whole time.

Lion or Creator – Illuminated

A very slow and subtle sound experiment. Has some nice moments and some cool synths and sounds here and there. Everything is very minimalist though. Doesn’t stand out much but it’s a nice track.


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