Best of /mu/ contest on Soundcloud (Part 7)

Keeping on.

Mitsuo –

I’ve seen plenty of electronic tracks that try to come up with these messy pseudo-experimental sections made up of different sorts of sounds and exotic percussion bits. I’ve been mostly left unimpressed, as it’s really not hard as it seems to make and not that interesting as it seems to listen to. Most are just 4 seconds worth of craziness that are repeated for a minute.

The stuff of this track is that crazy collage idea, but with enough actual music (instead of just exotic percussion) and complexity to be interesting, while perfectly executed. There’s a bit of guitar and bass playing in the mix as well, and in the end everything works nicely together. There’s a coherency of atmosphere also, very nicely complimented by the vocal samples, that guarantees a good experience even if you don’t pay much attention to the details. Even so, it’s something to listen to with attention and certainly with headphones.

Ben Le Funkjunk – Lies

Given that the bassline is the same from beginning to end, I felt tempted to skip this. Seriously electronic musicians, no matter how cool some element you came up with is, you can’t use it throughout the track, it’s just bad musicianship, no one could pull it off in any other musical genre, you are giving yourselves a bad name, that’s just not how you make music.

Anyhow, fortunately there’s enough of variation from other elements to give the track both structure and interest. But no matter how interesting the vocal manipulation after the intro is, or how the sound manipulations are towards the end, fuck, I’m listening to this bassline phrase for the what, 200th time now? I can’t stand this anymore. For the first time since I started reviewing I’m writing on silence because it’s better than listening to that fucking bassline yet again.

Anyhow, enough said, it’s certainly a cool track, I remember there were plenty of interesting structural changes but I’m not listening to that bassline again to analyze them better. Hear it for yourself.

I have just realized this was downloaded 71 times as of now. I hope that’s not mainly by people from /mu/.

Dj DigitaL – The Feed Me Mix

At 18 minutes and plenty of bridges that take the sound to completely new territories, this is more like an EP than a track. Of course I’m talking in terms which aren’t nature for this sort of music, I imagine this is intended to be played on a party etc. When I see myself in these situations, I do what is only natural: I judge the intelligence of the people present by the quality of the music they are dancing to.

So, if I were in a party and this stuff were playing I of course wouldn’t be too impressed by the intelligence of the people around me, but I certainly wouldn’t think they are the scum of the Earth. It’s nicely varied, often catchy and the synths are well used.

Bignigbeats – Neutral Meth Hotel

Better than the original because of better singing and lyrics. Would be better with more chords and not just basic shit. Able to play on first guitar lesson-core.

Neonhitler – Pyschogasmic Organotron

Promissing idea, not particularly good, strangely interesting and somehow cool. Could be really great if brought to epic proportions with more time, singing and more power.

SkirDhu – Nyanza Wharf Loop

Can’t tell for sure if it really is a straight-up loop or if there is some kind of change going on.  If there is any, it’s very subtle. Peaceful for some reason, certainly different from everything else. Nice concept, glad it’s not too long.

Mannerisms – Nightmare Sequence

Very interesting from beginning to end. The idea of representing a nightmare was intelligently used, you have many different sections, contrasting ideas, but everything fits well into a general mood. Certainly one of the best electronic tracks from the contest so far.

Lake House – Before the Fall

Fuck, this is intense. I’m listening to it for the fifth time now. Really, really great use of the vocal samples to make a track that could otherwise pass unnoticed much more powerful and interesting. Of course this is also a great way to give publicity to the 9/11 calls, myself I had never listened to any of them, and the music aspect is handled in way that does not disrespect the memory of that desperate woman, but enhances – if that is even possible – the seriousness of what happened. Great track and I’m glad to have listened to it, thanks dude.

The Fourth Way – Dirt Night

Started well but got pointless towards the end. Liked the subtlety, but of course even as little as one minute more and it would probably start to get boring.

Taele – Venus Tears

Brought a smile to my face. Cute, great timing, nice build-up. A little bit too much repetition towards the end, but not enough to be annoying. Leaves a nice taste after it’s over, certainly worth a listen.

Sief – Orchard Bay

Instrumental progressive hardcore track, not very far from metal. I like it a lot. Actually it’s a shame it’s instrumental, most vocal hardcore tracks are not as complex and interesting musically, while this track could use the emotional punch of singing with good, meaningful lyrics. Easy recommendation for anyone who likes hardcore.

Twinplus – Buyer’s Remorse

With the years I got kind of bored of punk singing. Also couldn’t care less for the bits of dramatic singing that sound like the lamest moments of System of a Down (at least on the first album, which is the only one I listened to). As far as the genre goes the vocals were well executed though, so no deducted points here.

But the instrumentals, holy shit, guarantee that this is awesome. So many changes and different sections, nice guitar bits that come up once and never come back, these guys did a great job in the composition, it exhales fun and energy. Minus the annoying cliche vocals I hope this band would become a hit and save rock n roll from hipster boredom this decade. Seriously dudes, the vocals keep you on the past, chain the band’s sound to your influences, which you should transcend. Come up with something cooler, less pointlessly hysterical, and you’ll be one of my favorite active bands. Fucking grow up, who cares about teenagers screaming and being drama queens. And don’t tell me you are not teenagers because that only makes it worse.

Autophoby – Radford Banks gets a new Volvo

Two tracks in one. Starts with a 80’s jazz keyboard surrounded by funky stuff, which gives way to a beautiful laid back section, soon completed by cool beats. While the funky beginning was entertaining, the final minute or so is actually more musically interesting, housing a cool sort of keyboard jazzy improvisation, basically playing around with chords and notes frely, but lacking any swing or structure, just sparsely laid all around the place to great effect. Cool track, good work.

Skipped reviewing: (no originality, boring) (boring, too basic, repetitive) (boring) (awful, tasteless, cancer) (unpleasing, pointless)


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