Best of /mu/ contest on Soundcloud (part 5)

Keeping on. Further explanations of the work method on the other posts. No skipped tracks!

Viktor Disque – Frank

Skipped this before even though it is great because I though it was a remix of someone else’s track. Once informed it’s a remix of his own track, this clearly must be reviewed and is one of the grooviest tracks in the contest.

Again, A Problem Like Maria and her beautiful soulful voice giving this a special touch. “I’m burning up with disco fever yeah” fits really well with the tone of the song. Really nice bass synths throughout, as well as the retro synths that do the work of a funky guitar. This is one of the best finished pop tracks in the contest and could certainly be a hit of some sort. Good luck with that!

Sonadar – Huthut

Groovy and cool, nice development and sequence of effects and synths. It has a happy feel that most of the other electronic tracks I reviewed don’t have, so one point for being able to convey that cheerful party feel. Again, nice timing – knowing when to introduce new elements etc., you have that nailed. So, a very well-made feelgood track, good job.

Hjälte – Moth Remix

Well, first of all, how cool is that effect on the soundcloud waveform in the end? Anyhow, nice track, I like the dark chill feeling. I think some parts tend to linger on for too much time, but the extended intro and closing are nice and, even though this isn’t one of the best tracks I have heard, it’s not bad.

Frownbox 3 – Ninja Showdown

Cool track with a blaxploitation soundtrack feel and ninja movie samples. That’s about it. The samples were well used and the horn samples used are pretty cool. I was hoping they would do something different at some point. That never came about, but the altercation with vocal samples and the shortness of the track kept it from being boring.

Fifty Caliber Snax – Psytrance Sample

Pretty short track, one minute, but really groovy. Had me rocking in my chair, and I don’t think any of the other electronic tracks had that effect over me. It’s so short that it’s hard to judge alongside the others, but I’ll give it the benefit of a doubt, if the back synth, which is always the same, would change at around the time ends, and it managed to stay as interesting as it is, this would work as a great intro.

Musik Herzeigen – Gladbachzorn

A couple of guitars soloing with some oriental sounds going on in the back, alternatively on each stereo output. It succeeds in delivering this oriental effect and the soloing guitars are pretty. it stands well as a track, but a full album of that would get boring fast. It would need more structure to succeed as an instrumental track.

Airgonaut – The Way It Begins

This track is a huge build up that unexpectedly lets go towards the end, and it works really well. The changes are subtle but, if you are paying attention, quite enjoyable. When the strings synth kicks in around 1:40 it get’s prettier and it gives the track a rewarding feeling of arrival and departure. Nice work.

PFD023 – Videotapes and Business Cards

Turn up the volume a bit, the intro is filled with subtle synths. The track evolves and goes places quite nicely. It’s a minimalist work, frequently playing with the interplay between a couple of synths, one of them very atmospheric and in the background, and a very modest rhythm section. It’s a think-piece I believe, really intellectual in nature.

Matias 1234 – osteburger123

Really groovy EDM track, you can see from the number of comments that the community seems to be impressed. I’m not that amazed but I see it’s so fun and varied, it will probably work well in a party. This is what I meant the other post when I said it shouldn’t be impossible to make an EDM piece that is also interesting to listen to by yourself sitting down. The hooks are amazingly party-friendly, the track changes completely seamlessly and always seems to become more and more fun. As far as I can tell it’s a perfect EDM track, congrats.

Gabe F Vazquez – Bambu – The Queen is Dead (remix)

Fuck, this is not the guy singing so what the fuck do I do? Listened to the original here. Is it better? Yes. Can I tell much more? I don’t think so. The added sounds are nice but they are always the same as well. If you take out the original it would probably be boring as fuck, but whatever, the final result is nice and I wouldn’t say the same about the original – the rapping is nice, but the beats are pretty standard and uninteresting, I wouldn’t listen to it until the end. So great job dude, that Bambu guy should hire you instead of whoever worked with him on that track.

Funk_Noise – Reupert

TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME! This is noise. Why the fuck am I listening to this again? I’ve heard better noise, but this is sort of a thinking piece, even though I can’t think with all this noise going on in my head. What can I say? Some different stuff go on here and there, but then the horrible noise comes back. Sir, have i wronged you in any way?


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