Best of /mu/ contest on Soundcloud (part 4)

Keeping on. As before, these are tracks from people I’m not acquainted with. I’ll listen to them once paying undivided attention, then replay while I write, occasionally listening again to specific sections. If I dislike something, something I try to be very objective about (and I listen more times to things I dislike than otherwise), being unable to find a minimum of redeeming quality, I skip reviewing it. The list of stuff I disliked is on the bottom

I am proceeding through chronological order of submission to the contest. If I go past over a track without reviewing or adding to the list on the bottom, that means i was previously following the musician and reviewed it in one of the two first posts.

Also, I’m not taking ecstasy or dancing around the house, so if the only appeal of the track is making people dance, I will probably skip it. I’m fairly sure it is possible to make dance music that is still interesting to listen to.

Anyhow, let’s do this.

Fortissimo – Baccano!

I had to listen to this guy’s other tracks to try and figure out what was going on. Is he playing the piano? Is there a guy playing a synth piano and someone else playing everything else? Fuck if I know, so I went out to check everything else. No piano anywhere to be seen. The melody itself doesn’t sound like something people would come up with today. So…

The piano sample is nice and all, but come on, it is not meant to be repeated again and again and again for 4 minutes. First it got boring, then it got annoying and now I can’t stand listening to it again. So I’m going to listen to it again now and see if I can find something good about the purely electronic stuff, which provides variation and development to the track. OK, the synth starting around the 1:40 mark is decent, but it also proceeds to repeat to death. Everything else is pretty basic and boring.

So yeah, this is an exception to the rule of not reviewing the tracks I don’t like. I felt this one needed explanation, since it seems pretty cool in the first minute or so.

Enzo Supreme – Aquatic Apparitions

It’s varied enough not to be boring, both in structure and in synth sounds. It also shows a cleverness of melody, as in small interesting musical phrases. It’s not awesome or genius or anything though. It goes very little beyond basic.

Brent Robert Lees – Mid-Afterlife Crisis

Nice track. If the awesome first 30 seconds had been destroyed by repetition and bullshit in general I would have punched my monitor. Because they are such a gem, a well crafted little bit of nice music, so fragile in this world of tasteless music. But thanks God it never happened. It’s not often I say this, but what a shame this track didn’t go on longer. 2 minutes and a half and I was like “aaaahhhhhhh”. Very well crafted, gentle melodies and synths and interplay and bass synths and rhythm section and voice processing… It’s all over in less than 3 minutes, but it’s prettiness incarnate while it leasts. Great job.

I Have ADD – Surprise Merzbow

Nice joke. Not sure if I get though.

No use going to his account for directions, you’ll only get more confused.

Mark Von Niman – Florent

This one is so subtle I had to listen two times with full attention to apprehend it. Then I look at the tag on the right size and it says “Electronic Pop”. Anyhow, nice development. When you think everything is stagnate, there is something interesting going on with some synth on the back. I’m not sure if I’m paying too much attention to this. The break at 1:20 something always gets me by surprise when I’m deep in the enemy’s council looking for lost synths somewhere in the back. This music reviewing stuff is starting to freak me out. Good stuff.

Nedmund – My Gun (version 2)

Nice and short. Dude, you should take your sound and do epic stuff, and I’ll prove it to you. I’m going to listen to your longest track and I’m sure I’ll hope it is 10 minutes long.

Listening to Runaway. As great as I was expecting, this should be 10 minutes long, going through a bunch of sudden changes and different sections, just like the ones you find in both tracks.

If you take the two tracks together, this guy has a great ear for melody, harmonization, timing (meaning when to introduce different elements because it’s about to get boring) etc. Songwriting in general. Both tracks also have nice, simple lyrics and emotional singing without being melodramatic. Even though there is nothing that original or unique or whatever, this is one of the best “indie rock” acts I have listened to on /mu/.

The submitted track itself I believe is perfect for the contest. Short and sweet.

Einvolke Inband – Hejohå

I thought I would be unimpressed, but even though there are few musical ideas in general, they develop well within the track’s structure. One element comes, another one goes, and for some reason it really feels like a change in the emotion of the track. It does feel very amateuristic though, but I guess a dozen more tracks worth of experience could lead to great results – if this is his best track, that is. Could use a better ending though.

Atcettera – Locked Doors Within a Home

Not bad but nothing too special. Great title though. Too much repetition, even though the notes change. I see this is an experiment in minimalism, but the beat that kicks in a bit before the 2 minutes mark prevent it from feeling deep. The prettiness of the dotted notes also wears out after some time, since they never go away, and is eventually destroyed by the beats. Taking out the beats and having the notes come in and out (develop at least a little?) would already do wonders for the quality of the track, which suffers of being too long.

Slambda – Montage

Same as above, not bad but nothing special. Thank you for the development in the main melody and of the interplay of synths, but in the end it could have been much more interesting.


That’s it for today, I’m tired. Will continue as soon as I can.

Skipped Reviewing:  (not 2deep4me, I’ve heard better drone/noise) (oh my, I feel even more bored than you sound)

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