Best of /mu/ contest on Soundcloud (part 3)

Now listening to people’s works for the first time ever. My method is simple: a listen to each track once paying attention, then listen again while I write a short review. That way at least a little bit of the “it grows on you” effect won’t be gone.

I hope this doesn’t feel like a bummer because I reviewed less tracks than before, it’s just that I prefer not to review tracks I don’t like (list on the bottom) but I still had to listen to them multiple times, so it took me much more time and energy to write these few reviews than before.

Quadrants – Love is an Astronaut

IDM. Quite interesting. Some sections are experiments with harsh, drone-y noises, others keep those harsh synths in the background and come up with really classy, groovy synth interplays. The awesomeness of this track depends on basic music appreciation skills, you have to apprehend the overall structure of the track, memorize the sections that have passed and pay attention to how they gradually let go to different sounds and feels. Really like this, it’s the kind of thing that every now and then makes me want to listen to more IDM.

tjbeaul1eu – Ganashpzar

This guy has probably listened to a bunch of 20th century music and wants to replicate that. I don’t think he put too much effort into it though. Most people will listen to this and think that it’s just mindless, random bullshit. It is not. It takes a specific taste and set of references to be able to do this and actually like what you did, but once you have that you can do it a bit effortlessly. This feeling of effortlessness kind of bums me out about this track. It will seem like ultra-modern experimentation avant-garde to many people, but it’s actually very derivative of music first published 60 years ago.

Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack – Kepler

Pretty cool and chilled IDM. The structure is simple: guitar intro – first section – mid section/bridge – second section – guitar ending. The best part is the first section, which I couldn’t wait to listen to again after I finished the track for the first time. Very enjoyable.

Brendan Rincon – Walmart

Not bad, but not as good as the competition I’m afraid. It does have a nice melody though, the atmospheric sections and sounds are really beautiful in a relaxing way, and the variation of sections and synth sounds makes it much more interesting than most mainstream electronic music – the level of electronic /mu/sicians is usually pretty high. It has such a nice feeling though, I think the “growing with repeated listens” effect is kicking in. It’s gorgeous.

Somnitone – Charnel House

Wait what? This is pretty fucking good. Good singer with a beautiful voice, moody electronic musical background. Went straight to listen to his other tracks. Absolute recommendation to everyone reading this. Some tracks are more serious, such as this one, others are more like wannabe pop hits, others are EDM. I think the more serious tracks are the best, and Charnel House seems to really be the best one.  If you like it, check Polar Shift and La Petite Alice, the former fitting pretty well in the chanson française tradition. But most importantly:


Here’s the link to the whole set:

Echoes of Insomnia – Fading

A can’t put this on the skipped section because it’s not that bad, but I don’t like it that much. It’s pretty and all but a bit boring and melodramatic. At some points I feel like I’m listening to a Backstreet Boys song. I can see how some people will like it though, but I see nothing special in the musical background.

Rabbit Hole Revelations – Watersmelon

Nice chilled trip, interesting structure, never gets boring. Shows real musical skill and knowledge behind it, no section ever outstays its welcome but the track stays cohesive even with the constant changes. Perfect choice of synths. Great track, absolutely recommend it.

Lieutenant Dance – Unacceptable Behavior

If you check the comment on the track by EmEl at the 0:23 mark, he describes pretty well the track’s sound in terms of influence. It’s pretty intense and strong, with freaky screamed vocals, talking by two people at the same time, wind instruments… Unfortunately, all the chaos is organized in a very orderly manner. The craziness is too contained and feels weakened by repeating again and again in the exact same way. Of course, I’m judging it by its own ruler, I can’t possibly keep from saying that this is one of the best tracks on the contest.

The ones I skipped reviewing

Because I didn’t like them. If I don’t like something it might be, in my honest opinion, boring, too repetitive, too simple, lacking in effort, musical skill of any kind or good taste. Also remixes, I don’t know how I could judge a remix, specially alongside original music.


16 thoughts on “Best of /mu/ contest on Soundcloud (part 3)

  1. Thanks for the support Asda! I’d be lying if I said I’m not a bit disappointed, I was looking forward to this review. But everyone has there own preferences, I’d just appreciate it if you could take my track off of the “Walmart” review where you mistakenly put it, Carpeaux. Also the negative paragraph is a bit unnecessary, why not just leave it at “The ones I skipped reviewing” and let people decide for themselves eh? Still though, I appreciate you taking the time to listen.

    • Sorry dude, I didn’t like it. I felt like reviewing the non-electronic music I didn’t like as well, but I felt that wouldn’t be fair to the electronic musicians, and I really, really couldn’t review the electronic tracks I didn’t like.
      The paragraph is feedback and explanation, otherwise it seems like “music is subjective, I don’t like it because it doesn’t make me feel good” bullshit.

  2. Brendan Rincon’s walmart… not as good as the competition!? WHAT? this is an outrage im so buttmad

    (Thanks for the review, tho’.)

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