Best of /mu/ contest on Soundcloud (part 2)

Continuing the track reviews ftw!

Somnolence – One bit

Nice and entertaining track with interesting glitchy sample manipulation and rhythm and a well-timed build-up that works really well. A lovely track full of pretty sounds that for some reason feel really heart-warming to me.

Victor Florence – Trust

Victor Florence submits his best track ever. It’s beautiful. I’ll just quote what I wrote when I reviewed his three main albums here:

“Because “Trust” might be the best track in the three albums.It is catchy and deep at the same time, the guitar work is gentle and pretty, the vocal harmonization is hauntingly beautiful (rivaling the first track), but the killer feature is the melody, which shows a natural build-up of meaning that emanates from both music and lyrics (“are you afraid to put your trust on me?”). An album with 6 or 7 of these would easily be my Album of the Year”.

Rekapper – Floating Water

Sometimes I feel like Rekapper is the classiest electronic /mu/sician on the board. Everything he does is tasteful and you can feel it comes out naturally. This track is a fine example, although he does mess around with radically different styles. The structure and development of this track is just tasteful, delicate and interesting, great choices of synth sounds etc. Perfect choice for the contest: it starts radio-frendly, with singing and all, that I’m sure would sound beautiful to anyone; then it goes to a delicate and masterful instrumental (some echoes of the singing sample though); and the he fucking brings down the house: suddenly there’s rapping with this amazingly beautiful and tasteful background, then the beautiful singing voice comes back… it’s just mind boggling and done with amazing taste. Fucking awesome, one of the best electronic tracks I have listened to. Bracing myself for reviewing his recently released album sometime next week.

I’m proud to say this guy is now reviewing for the blog and has already published one review, we were certainly lacking in the straightforward EDM/IDM department.

Nannigar Cire – Passive // Agressive

A cool moody track that develops well. I like the acoustic guitar solo, but I’m not sure it fits the song that well. It doesn’t fit in a good way though, it’s certainly an exotic addition, but in the end I think it’s better with it there. Even so, the best part of this song is the first couple of minutes, really cool singing and fitting background synth music, very moody.

Almost Technicolor & A Problem Like Maria – Europa

APLM is the only female /mu/sician in the threads maybe? She has a pretty and expressive voice and, specially since she writes music as well, has a good ear for music – all of that apart from being a really nice person. As of now her best works are her collabs with fellow /mu/sicians, such as her EP with Radio Wire Empire (one of his other releases reviewed here), which is amazing and I hope I’m able to review soon.

So, this is one of her collabs and the result, as usual, is pretty good. What you get here is her pretty voice over an interesting and sort of darkish synth background by Almost Technicolor. Quite chill and pleasing.

Less Deceived – Someday let me go

And now for one of my favorite /mu/ acts. I love this, I’m a fan. Can’t get enough of it. As I’ve said before here and here, this is classy, beautiful, musically interesting, fucking flawless. I can’t recommend this enough, specially since now you can download his tracks. Do it, right now.

Kaz1 – Human

Simple but pretty, guitar and voice, classic home recording music. If you are in the mood for that kind of thing, there are a few /mu/sicians who deliver it with great taste and this guy is one of them. I’ve reviewed some of them here, you’ll find them on the classification singer-songwriter.

Love Dr. Rob – Kingdom Came

Fellow reviewer in the blog, I didn’t actually know he made music until I saw this now. His review are much more cheerful than this track though.

It’s a brief experiment in singing over noise/drone with distant echoes of musical phrases drowned in reverb.

Trelt – Stuck in Red Forest

Another fellow reviewer with his ambient soundscape work. Chill and relaxing, with water sounds and everything. Delivers well what it came for.

mhva – The Punctum

A noise/drone experiment made partially with one of the strange homemade gadgets mhva posts on the board all the time. Although I actually like his straight up noise works more, which sometimes are deep, interesting and something that doesn’t come about every day, it’s probably a smart move to submit to the contest something less demanding and controverisial. So what you get over the noise – and complementing it well – is a subtle, sparse play with notes which makes the tracks strangely relaxing. Not your every-man’s ambient or music in general, but if you are quite the strange fellow, this is some quite the strange music for you.

Icarus Climbs – Like Ash In An Urn

nuff said?

PAZ Music Official – Guitaric Overmash

A bit of instrumental metal guitar wank, we have a few of those on the board and I’m always amazed at how well mixed and recorded they are (it always sounds so professional) and, of course, of how well the guitars are played, all of which applies to this one as well. It’s a nice collection of power riffs and solos, of a melodic death metal nature maybe? It’s really well made and seems like top notch metal to me, if not very innovative – which is not that important for metal anyway. Basically if you enjoy this kind of metal, you will enjoy this.


As of now there are 118 tracks on the contest, of which I have reviewed 24, all submitted by people I had been following or in general knew well enough to effortly write about. I’ll try to publish another one of these collective reviews as soon as possible, both to help the selection process and to introduce the /mu/sician community to everyone else who wanders by the blog.


3 thoughts on “Best of /mu/ contest on Soundcloud (part 2)

  1. yo dawg that was totally too benign of a review

    you need to tear my music a new asshole already. give me a negative review

    -the love doctor

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