Can’t Fake Nature – You… EP

Crushing post-rock sound from a Croatian group that cite doom giants Earth as a primary influence. Stemming from what began as a workshop for the development of deep sea documentary soundtracks, Can’t Fake Nature eventually became a fully fledged band. This soon led to the release of their debut EP, ‘You…’

‘You…’ begins with 12 Minutes Modesty, a track that opens with quiet electronic whistling and bubbling which is slowly taken over by moody, building guitars. This melodic build up continues until it reaches breaking point, where loud, heavy riffs come crashing in with surprising intensity. Now, you may be thinking that this sounds like the same crescendo use we’ve come to expect in third wave post-rock, and you would be partly right. However, Can’t Fake Nature have used this technique as only a single part of what turns out to be a pretty dynamic release. The three tracks are quite varied, containing more development over ten minutes than many other post-rock outfits would draw out over twenty. There is never too much going on at once though, and the transitions between these developments always feel smooth and natural. This is true no matter what the band are putting forward, whether it’s the aforementioned electronic meandering, or the almost tribal bass drum and whining drones in parts of the third track, Ride of the Lupus.

Only the track Ricordea Plains has vocals, which are female sung and move in and out over the course of the song. These vocals are distant, murky and barely audible above the guitars, but they have just enough power behind them to add some real depth to the track. In addition to this is the sound of frantic pipes, pushed so far into the background that it is easy to think you imagined them. It is moments like this where you see that Can’t Fake Nature put some serious effort into making their music sound just right. This is true for the EPs most intense sections, as well as its more refined and quieter parts. The instrumentation is pretty good too, with a nice range of guitar tone, thick bass lines and well paced drum use.

So, Can’t Fake Nature put forward three great and varied tracks in this debut. A solid mix of delicate and heavy moments, bound up with a little experimentation. Although they somewhat rely on tried and tested post-rock techniques, they are by no means generic and I certainly look forward to seeing what else they come up with in the future.


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