Zalhietzli – Sainte Rita

I’m amazed by this. It’s drone ambient noise or something like it, with occasional vocal samples. Listening to this EP is really like watching a movie, having a nightmare etc., it’s an insanely immersive and dense, like a soundtrack to your subconscious’ inner workings. The sound¬†experimentation is really interesting and, though deep, never unpleasant and, though constrained by the genre, never boring – not for me at least.

The second track is the most accessible, having vocal samples, rhythm (though irregular) and sound bits with clear emotional meaning – suspense and creepiness, mostly. The other two are more atmospheric, which makes them harder to relate to. I think the interplay of different sound streams in them is actually more interesting and aesthetically pleasing, but nothing beats emotion as a tool for musical attraction – in a broad sense of emotion, including the emotion of “wanting to dance”.

Well, I fail to see how black metal, drone and such are sad, but if you feel sadness in kvlt stuff, then this is probably depressive to you as well.

In general I can say this is really well made and deep, so If you like the genre: 1) you will like this; and 2) this Zalhietzli dude also releases other people’s music of the same general type, check it out here. He releases on tape, with cool homemade album art. If you dig that, you can buy this EP on tape on his bandcamp page.


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