The Mad Pride – Scary Poppins


Although the musical aspect of this is very important for its overall effect, it as also very lyrical driven. The way this manifests the most is by the length of the tracks. They tend to linger on for a bit longer when the musical message has already been delivered. At the same time, there isn’t much musical development, as in extended bridges and instrumental sections, the general idea being to lay down this backdrop against which the singing is placed. The way it is done, though, is very moody, atmospheric, with a clear desire to that “experimental” feel, with different bits and pieces coming up occasionally. That’s pretty much how to describe it: singer-songwriter stuff with a psychedelic/experimental background.

The singing is halfway between more ethereal schools of folk (Tim Buckley and such) and psychedelic (the tracks as a whole wander between these two poles), being the most important contributor to an eerie feel that is on the musical background, but gains much by being boosted by the singing. There is serious musical and recording technique effort to make the tracks sound this eerie though and, when you get the hang of it, this might be the most interesting aspect of this album: checking out the chord progressions, melodies, playing styles and ornamental musical ideas, as well as the effects and techniques applied, with the objective of making it sound eerie and ominous. Most of those musical ideas are very straightforward and classic “psychedelic” stuff – think Syd Barrett, which is one of the actual tags actually used on the bandcamp page.

The lyrical content couldn’t be any different. As far as ominous goes, this is very spot on:

“It’s gonna be a beautiful night
If I can get you away
From your telescopic sight
The targets are already dead
And you’ll save yourself a fight
If you can just let them
Fade away ”

I don’t know about you, but I consider that class A pop music lyrics and it fits really well with everything else. It’s nice to see such effort, thought and care going into music, which makes the experience of listening to it from beginning to end very cohesive and satisfying.

I see no reason why this can’t be released by an independent label as is, but what do I know. Check it out, it’s well worth a listen.


2 thoughts on “The Mad Pride – Scary Poppins

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