D/Wolves – Freak of Nature

Listen to this with headphones. There’s plenty of interesting stuff going on, most of the times with a non-obvious harmony with the vocals, which are marked by a strange singing voice as well – though not that peculiar, considering there’s a bunch of strange vocals in rock in general. It’s kind of competently played psychedelic music with plenty of nice details all around, with loose, strange musical structure, trippy chord progressions and vocal harmonies, plenty of sound experiments with synths and guitar tones.

The description itself shows that it’s interesting stuff that won’t bore you, but other than that it just works, doesn’t feel forced or pedantic, more like the natural expression of musicians with a peculiar taste that, again, isn’t that peculiar since there’s plenty of psychedelic strange rock to be listened, but of course the idea with psychedelic is doing different psychedelic stuff than you find in other bands, and it delivers, meaning that the music is actually able to go through changes that surprise and, in general, give you a good musical experience.

The lyrics fit in well with the music, even though they aren’t as important as the melodies they carry and as the voice tone itself. In them you’ll find crazy stuff, basically. Some are pretty straightforward, but with scattered crazy bits, but even the “normal” parts end up sounding strange because of the music that surrounds it. The themes are a bit uncertain though, so yeah, the lyrics are the least important aspect of this, even though they occasionally carry a bit of meaning, just random stuff like “chewing glass” or “we’re moving far away”, which have meaning of their own without necessarily having to be analyzed in context.

Trippy stuff, just look at that deeply wtf album cover.


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