KT Allo – Headaches

Post-Drone Ambient maybe? The idea seems to be to create interesting musical landscapes of a dark/drone nature, with little (very subtle) to no development, filled with sound experiments, not really inducing relaxation, but more like trying to emanate an unique experience – as in, instead of relaxing, making you “feel the music”, experiencing not a feeling but the music itself. It grabs you and keeps you paying attention to every detail, uncomfortably waiting for a change that might never come and then it ends, always abruptly.

It’s funny how, since there’s not much of a melody and the same only slightly altered sounds are always repeating, the drumming, which isn’t much more than rhythm keeping, feels like a drum solo, which makes the music sound like someone playing drums on a windy field. It’s cool though.

There’s a little bit, just a very little bit, of post-rock in this, mostly in the percussion style everywhere and some synths that vaguely evoke an eerie guitar in tracks two and three. The percussion uses realist drum sounds, which I think was a smart move and part of what gives this post-rock feel as well as keeps this music down to the ground. Again, this picture of someone playing drums in a windy field is a pretty cool one.

Interesting and deep stuff.


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