Strangelets – Summer Forever EP

Summer Forever is a shoegaze EP by some brit-pop influenced guys from Los Angeles. Whilst it is by no means the most refined shoegaze you will ever hear, it’s damn impressive for an independent release. Putting forward three chilled out tracks, and two that are slightly grittier and serious, there is enough variation to keep this EP on repeat without it seeming too samey. You can also expect some seriously great hooks and melodies, so don’t be surprised when you find one of these songs stuck in your head all day.

The use of male and female vocals works wonderfully for Strangelets. Never do they feel overdone or at odds with each other, and the harmonies are brilliant. The use of clean or hushed, breathy vocals in around equal measure also adds a pleasant new angle. These vocals fit perfectly with the catchy guitar riffs and thick, hazy bass. The instrumentation and addition of violin on the track Summer’s Forever is particularly inspiring, managing to meander and build wonderfully.

What really pulled me into this EP is the whole nostalgic, long lost summer idea it puts forward. I’ll admit I’ve always a sucker for this kinda thing, but this is a band that pulls it off really well. Many of the lyrics look back on those summer experiences and teenage rebellion we once thought would never end, with lines like:

 ‘We can perfect the perfect weekend/Let’s not fall in love’


 ‘There’s so many things I cannot tell my folks about/Well, here’s to the things we did when we were never allowed’

And so on. These lyrics give the EP such a chilled out and memorable vibe, making it a real pleasure to listen to. This is yet another reason to add this honest and catchy selection of tracks to your library. Overall a really enjoyable listening experience and an especially worthwhile download for any shoegaze fan.

Standout tracks: They are all fantastic, but New World and Summer’s Forever are particularly good


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