Zoo Kid

Starting off with the most famous one, Pitchfork best new music and all. There’s a nice video for it here. This is a pretty cool song, interesting guitar work and enough reverb to drown an orchestra. The guitar is unpretentious and straightforward but pretty and carries a punch during the chorus. The singing is certainly what stands out the most. Again, unpretentious confessional singing, the voice carries a bit of anger and disdain, the classic “I don’t give a fuck” feel, but also a spoonful of emotion. This is pretty much ready to listen, I’ll move on to the other tracks.

More emotional than out getting ribs. Less catchy but a pretty song as well, again the careful but scratchy, careless-cool guitar work. The singing tries to go straight to the heart, I’m not sure if it really ever gets there, the most memorable thing is the overall “darkwave” feeling which emanates from everything, as well as the shady guitar tone, the deep teenager voice and the broken forced-out melodies that, if you stop to pay attention, show to be really intricate and well constructed. It naturally changes while keeping a loose unity to the track and never gets boring. Very well crafted.

The other tracks he has up are Baby Blue, A Lizard State, Has This Hit, The Wake and Greyscale. You’ll find them in his bandcamp. They don’t deliver as much goodness as the previous two and are very “formative”, his influences are really transparent and there’s plenty of exploration, as it’s only natural. He messes with, at least, rap, strange sounds, melodramatic emotions, electronic beats and a harsher punk/noise sound. They are all very different and what they all have in common is that dark reverb angsty feel that defines the two tracks above. It’s nice to see how fast this guy improved and how effective he was in learning what he was good at and focusing on that.

Nice work from an up and coming guy, good luck with your new recordings dude.


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