Pedro Meadows

Oh wow, I like this. No, it’s not genius, it won’t change music forever and, even though I like it a lot right now and can’t stop listening to “All My Best”, in a few years I will probably forget about this. I almost wish it was already 10 years from now and I could listen to this with a deep nostalgic feel for the time I lived in the Philippines and started a blog about independent music. That song does make you kind of emotional, it’s very pretty, the voice is velvety and, shit, it’s a sad love song with a happy touch, you know the type? Yeah, like they tell you to be sad because she is gone or whatever, but happy because you are alive and at least you have feelings.

The other songs are cool as well, some might be better, like Shavasana (not really, just less goofy), but that’s definitely my favorite. Car Lighters is great as well. I really dig the vocal experimentation in a bunch of the tracks. No, the vocals are not “progressive”, operatic, original or trying to be those things, but, just like the guitars, there’s an unpretentious, freak-folk feel to them that is just nice musical material. A side note on the voice: it sounds a lot like Dan Bejar.

So no, this is not the most original music reviewed in this blog, it’s not pushing the limits between pop and classical, rock and jazz, alternative rock and rap, guitar music and electronic, post-jazz funkcore and proto-electro 80’s 60’s revival, any of that shit. It’s just a guy with a guitar, but sometimes that’s just what you want, because it’s pretty and cool and music fuck yeah!


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