How Scandinavian – Smiles without Mirth

These guys go for a bit of 90’s shoegaze psychodelic feel, slowly building up to punk (specially vocals) when appropriate. The recording is a bit sloppy, but I can’t say it’s done in an uncool or unpleasant way and that specially because it fits very well with the vocals, which have a “don’t give a fuck enough to get into a singing voice” feel. The vocals keep the tracks in it’s place, but I’d say the most interesting moments are the insane jamming in the instrumentals parts, which don’t really go anywhere but kind of wobble around a strange feeling, like being too drunk to walk or something like it. Really sloppy, wobbly guitar tones throughout and I’d say they work well. The drumming is competent and the bass is interesting – specially during the aforementioned instrumental parts. The lyrics are good enough not to bother with, which is what we can normally expect from rock n roll anyway. They convey well the feeling of the overall sound, being sincere, emotional and modern.

Go on and listen to this while hanging out with friends, it’s very atmospheric and always changing, the songs are very different from one another, while having a distinct similar feel. Good stuff.


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