Eris Flies Tonight – Rehearsal Room Demo

You wanna relax? Go all the way back to Victor Florence on the blog’s first review, or maybe to Less Deceived. But not here. This is some intense music for people who can stomach extreme metal’s guttural singing. It isn’t hard to describe: it’s some sort of progressive black metal, with very gentle and beautiful moments scattered here and there , complex and nicely rewarding musical structures, and disturbing singing (naturally).

It’s quite a refined musical landscape if you pay attention, but some people might be instantly lost by the vocals. The discomfort the singing causes is, of course, part of the musical idea and I guarantee, though the music in this is beautiful, it would be much less interesting without the singing. For example, Paquz, the last track, isn’t “heavy” at all, but goes very much to the progressive route. The throat singing is there anyhow, which gives it a nice contrast, an interesting sound and a rare musical experience.

That track might be the best, starting with an interesting “Greek Mythology Class” spoken sample, rivalling the awesome intro of the first track though, and the competition is hard. Go on and listen to it. Yeah, it’s great.


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