Chemical Religion – II

This is not for everyone. It’s somewhere between noise, ambient electronic, experimental electronic, dark space in some tracks, and downright creepy Asian horror movie soundtrack. Do not listen to this in any given normal mood, you have to get into it purposefully. If you are disposed to do this, though, I can tell you this will be a nice musical experience, and here’s why:

This guy does not make this kind of music because he is slightly insane, with no musical skills and desiring to play with sounds like some kind of pass time. His music shows skill, serious effort and, specially, a really fine-tuned taste. This is elegant music, pending to minimalist, though always creepy. Along your listen you will find some very interesting moments, like the simple but disturbing beat in “July’s Light is In The Wind “. This guy has a talent to make you uncomfortable, but that’s without simply hammering unpleasant noise in your ears. It’s really ghostly and extremely creepy, like for example, “My face in clay”. Listen to that and come back for a moment. Who the fuck is this guy, right?

tl;dr: this is the soundtrack to the scariest horror movie you have ever seen and listening to it is a rare musical experience like most people will never have.

Also, the most normal would be “Lovely Romans”. It`s certainly worth your time to listen to this one and “My face in clay”.

One more thing, listen to this with headphones, there’s a handful of messing around with stereo.


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