Victor Florence – Demo

Starting with this guy:

Victor Florence

It’s fairly simple music, but pretty and quite emotional. Not the kind of thing you look after when you want a purely musical experience, it’s more like the spirit you have when you want to listen to Dylan’s first albums.

This guy has a nice and expressive voice, but not really really distinguished in any way. I could say the same thing about the guitar. The chord progressions throughout are well thought-of and give the overall structure of the songs a good solid feeling.

The songs are quite distinctive one from the other, which is always a good thing and a reason to listen to the whole demo. This change of style is quite refreshing, since the voice/couple of guitars triplet never quite goes away. Having “Lightning” and “Thunder”, which have a distinct, more anxious feel, come up near the end, setting the ground for Epilogue, which ties the whole demo well, makes it a worthwhile experience to listen to it all from beginning to end.

Good job man! Hope this demo lands on good hands.


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