Ven-Wede – Tracing Circles

The musical aspect to this is really nice. It has a good atmosphere, nice changes throughout, cool different sounds. I’ll tell you what’s the problem with it: the vocals are annoying and the album art is dreadful. With a bit of patience, you get used to the vocals though and they carry good feeling and the musical ideas behind the awful voices fit well into the music and give it a post-punk feeling with a bit of Interpol.

I see the different singing is a way of trying to be innovative, not playing safe etc. I don’t think it works. I like the music and I feel it deserves more competent singing. A bit of atonal singing with weird pitches might even work well in some cases (see Joanna Newsom, Talking Heads, shit, even Dylan),  but this is just ridiculous.

There’s quite a bit of “dark psychedelic/going insane with synths” to keep it always interesting and the dancing beat brings a nice upbeat feeling. I do believe people could dance to this if they wanted to… It wouldn’t be much of a karaoke hit though.

That’s all. In general, don’t let the singing turn you away, this is some good stuff if you give it a chance.


One thought on “Ven-Wede – Tracing Circles

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