Less Deceived


Less Deceived

This guy right here is in another level. It’s jazz though. He is apparently gigging in England with his piano and his jazz band, but I was lucky enough to catch his soundcloud account with 4 tracks. I wish there were more. Damn.

The lyrics are nice and confessional, love conversation gold. Wait a minute, I’m listening to it now and it just begs for a cigarette.

Go to this guy when you get a bit bored by how straightforward rock and pop music in general is. You’ll find nice, rewarding musical structure and chord progressions with a kind of emotional singing you don’t usually find in rock unfortunately. Those jazzy Tom Waits albums maybe? It’s not Tom Waits, but he has a distinctive voice of his own, I’m sure I would recognize him if he asked me for the time or something.

It’s never pedantic, 2deep4u jazz wankery, so relax. These are love songs with feeling and choruses and everything. That nice double bass sound and laid back drums are there though. The lyrics have a nice contemporary feel and are well crafted. This is some of the best music I have found on the web, I go back to it regularly, recommend it effusively. Hope this guy comes up with an album soon or else I’ll just have to go to England and illegally record his concert.


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