The Whoopass Girls

This is awesome. The spoken vocals in the first part of “Old Red”, first track, are amazing, “Coney Island”-tier. I wish I could meet this old red guy and listen to him talk for a few hours. But then the actual music starts and you know you are in for a treat. These guys are screaming, but they don’t sound like whiny teenagers, they sound like that quote “All you need is three chords and the truth”. The main singer has this instantly likable and expressive voice that just tells you to pay attention to the lyrics. I know sometimes that’s annoying, specially because you can’t understand a good chunk of it and then you have to follow the lyrics (it’s all there on their bandcamp page), but it’s worth it. And if you can take it for two songs, you get to “Memorial”, and that song deserves another paragraph.

“Memorial” is awesome. It absolutely deserves to be in every best songs of the year list of the internet. Do not read the lyrics of this one as you go, let it surprise you. With the other ones it’s ok. It’s flawless and beautiful, and it’s one of my favorite songs.

And I love the album art. I used to skate as a teenager, these guys are probably teenagers and this whole stuff just makes me happy for being alive.


2 thoughts on “The Whoopass Girls

  1. hey, i’m the lead singer and guitarist and i wanna say thanks so much! i’m glad you enjoy it as much as you do.

    i was 17/18 when we recorded this, my bassist was 17, and my drummer was 19. so yeah! and we skated the hell out of my basement and a few sidewalks, because it was winter in montana haha

  2. Glad to know you liked the review
    when I was writing that I found out you released a new one. Still haven’t listened to it, but I’ll probably like it so yeah, I’m going to review it also soon.

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