This is a bit exotic and different. The vocals are spoken and the lyrics are insane, sometimes about philosophy or just analyzing relationships, emotions etc. in a bit of a crazy manner. In general, everything here is a bit fixed-idea crazy. The music itself goes on and on but doesn’t get boring because it’s so strange and fitting to the vocals that you get hooked.

Dude sounds like a lady. The singer is not the blonde on the cover, that’s his ex-girlfriend. Sounding like a girl is probably bad for him, but isn’t really bad for the music. Knowing it’s a dude adds to the Woody Allen-esque feel that you are listening to a strange guy going on and on about stuff he’s probably the only one who cares about (see “On Subjectivity”).

Most spoken vocal music has a bit of theatrics to it, but there’s a different drama on this one, like the singer is annoyed by something and still has to keep on singing because it is his last chance to. Than out of the blue, again, on “On Subjectivity”, he starts to scream at you about something you never did and you don’t fully understand. Others feel like he is telling you something intimate that you should keep a secret, like “Security Windows”. Since he isn’t talking to anyone other than you, you feel in on the drama and compelled to tell him something, maybe “calm down man, have a cigar”.

Now back to the music. I’ve read him say he didn’t really know how to play the bunch of instrument he used, but kind of managed to join the sounds together to turn into actual music. This is not ipsis litteris, I don’t really remember exactly what he did say. So, considering that, it’s kind of impressive and makes sense once you listen to the music. Dis-considering that, just for the hell of it, it sounds like a surrealist experiment. Some of the songs end up sounding a little bit the same, but there are plenty of build-ups, dramatic stops and little bits of decoration to make the music always pretty and interesting.

He is apparently recording a new album with professional musicians. I’ll surely be interested in listening to that, this is some of the most distinctive music I have found in this here web. Good luck with whatever kind of success this kind of music can achieve man!


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