Retreat From Moscow – In Search of Home

Retreat From Moscow – In Search of Home

Release June 19 2011, this guy says he spent 2 years recording it. This is interesting because (specially the first track) it sounds a lot like Bon Iver. Even though I think Bon Iver is insanely overrated, boring and pointless, the first track is probably the best of the album as well. Maybe because, although it has Bon Iver’s prettiness, it is also more upbeat, like Belle and Sebastian maybe.

The melodies on this thing are pretty, well varied and match well with his voice into a quite emotional sound – meaning most of the songs are quite melancholic. The rhythm guitar does its job well and discreetly. Every now and then there’s an organ which is even more subtle. The occasional guitar solo is subtle and decorative as well. The drums keep the beat competently. In the end, everything points toward the singing and the overall atmosphere of the whole album, which is quite cohesive and rewarding.

Cohesive as it can be, the songs are different enough so that listening to the whole album is not a boring experience. Most of the time I don’t see much reason why this couldn’t be properly released. It’s not perfect though. The singing in both “Safety Net” and “Outside Colorado” fits in kind of strangely. But then “Orange Glow” comes out, one of the best songs in the bunch, and you realize you didn’t get to the fillers and are now supposed to go back to the first tracks. Seriously, stop doing your stuff and just listen to “Orange glow”, this is a pretty good song that keeps always changing and always beautiful.

This is some of the best completely independent music I have found in the web. I hope this guy gets a lucky break, that’s all I can say.


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