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This blog is not for tips on how to make stuff better. Fuck that. We will only review stuff we think is good enough to be enjoyed. We are looking for independent music with good taste and a good amount of effort behind it.

Anyhow, this will mostly be sort of an archive of the good music we have found on the web. Enjoy.


Do you want to recommend something? You can post it in the comment section or send it to the reviewer you’d like to see reviewing it.

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Golden State Mirage (sometimes jazzy): 

The Enemy (mostly harsh): 

Ramakian (chill):

Existence is boring (harsh): 

Out of the Dream, Into the Void (dodecaphonic rock):

Black Magic (riff-oriented rock): 

iugulare mortuos (dodecaphonic doom/drone metal): 




Musician, artist, student. Studying graphic design at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

I’m part of a noise / drone duo from Columbus, OH Called Hintergrund. We have released two albums to date.

Red In Tooth & Claw

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Email: thompson_art1@yahoo.com

Twitter: @Tooth_N_Claw




Twitter: @ArransMind




Love Doctor

The Love Doctor is a twenty something college dropout who wastes too much time masturbating. He also does music reviews







53 Comments on “About / Reviewers / Submissions”

  1. Ted Gordon says:

    Hey guys,

    I play bass in Studying, and just saw Red N Tooth N Claw’s review of our demo. Thank you so much for the kind words!

    I have procrastinated indefinitely on spreading any word about it, but I also play guitar in another band here in Northern Virginia called Solomon Solomon, and over a year ago we recorded a 3 song Demo with Mike York, one of the guitarists of Pianos Become The Teeth. I thought it might be something that would be up your guys alley, and they are recordings that have mostly been buried to our small group of friends here anyway. The general sphere of influence is of the Funeral Diner, City of Caterpillar, Envy mold, but that’s setting expectations way too high.
    There are lyrics on facebook as well as actual song titles, if you’d like to have them, feel free to e-mail me and I will send them your way.




  2. snailhead says:


    Just wondering if a little album I have just finished might be able to get the inb4track once over.


    It’s called ‘The Image’ and is about a 1970s sadomasochistic film of the same name.


  3. adam says:

    hi! this is my one-man band project from Hungary:

    qwertzuiop – Dead Oak
    [ambient, black metal, drone, post-rock]



  4. Hey guys,

    Any chance of a review for Mzungu?


    There’s some info about what the album’s about on my blog:



  5. Follower says:

    I’d like to pretend I’m not an attention whore.
    But I am one.
    So here’s my album.


  6. We’re an indie alt band from Wellington, New Zealand. Been featured on national TV, music, magazines, and newspaper articles.

    Check out our upcoming single:

  7. Hey so uh, my band just put out its first e.p. or at least what may be the begginings of our first e.p. and it would be really cool to have a review.
    By the way, I totally stole the idea from out awesome friends in studying.
    Either way, the bands name is Roma. Post-hardcore. All that stuff.
    Please and thanks.

  8. inhale Power says:


    Great track I just found on bandcamp. It sounds like happy witch house, so it’s kinda wierd to describe what it sounds like, don’t know what genre to tag it as.

  9. http://manyaraimpala.bandcamp.com/album/time-energy-emotion

    New EP. It’s completely different to anything that I’ve released before & I’d love to see it reviewed.

  10. Guillermo Alumbrados says:

    Hey, guys. There’s another “Best of /mu/” compilation going on, this time in its second volume. It was amazing what this site was able to do, what with reviewing almost every submitted track and review the resulting album as a whole.

    It’d be awesome and much appreciated if inb4track repeated what it did last year.

  11. Chris Laidler says:

    New single feat. Flying Batteries.


  12. Antonio says:

    Guys, you’ve reviewed my bands Her Empty Sockets and Wayward. Would you review my new stuff? http://serocs.bandcamp.com

  13. Kyle says:

    Hey there, here’s a link to my upcoming self-released cassette tape: http://haunter0.bandcamp.com


  14. Spoonty says:

    Hey I have a track on the up coming Best of /mu/, Vol. II.
    My I put out a week or so ago might be relevant to your interests. Enjoy

  15. adam says:

    hi! qwertzuiop / i AM esper split is done. Two solo tracks by each artist and one collab track. 34 minutes of ambient, drone and a bit post-rock. check it out or review if you want :) http://qwertzuiopx.bandcamp.com/album/qwertzuiop-i-am-esper-split

  16. Hello,

    Just wondering if a little ep I have just finished might be able to get the inb4track once over.


    It’s called ‘Marionette’ and is about the puppets of the same name.


  17. O.B.G. says:

    This is O.B.G. an Algerian MC/Beatmaker, and I would like to submit my 2nd Hip Hop Instrumental album “Resignation”, available for preview through YouTube:

    and for free download through: http://www.mediafire.com/?rvb0y0shj0hl4gv

  18. Gregg McCurry says:

    Topbunk – Springlake Pharmacy


  19. http://michaelbedra.bandcamp.com/album/grease-club

    All this was made live with two casio keyboards, a roland drum machine, and some pedals.

  20. David says:


    GTB Records:
    We’re an internet label of independent musicians and a couple of comedians.

    Our roster includes such artists as Tau Tau (the synthpop project of Juilliard classical pianist Conrad Tao), ambient artists and bands such as Echo Vessel, Sonic Primitive, and Replicant, experimental electronic artists REC and The Trap’s Jaw, electro-pop artist Spinning Voices, and many more.

    Hope you find the time to look into what we have to offer.

  21. Tires- James says:

    Hey, Carpeaux actually reviewed an album I recorded by myself way back in the day, he used the fifth paragraph to digress into an anti-p4k rant:


    Anyway, I’m in a band now named Tires. We just compiled a 15 minute EP called: “Serious Sneer”. It’s Lo-fi Jangle Pop, with a Slacker vibe to the whole thing. We’re trying to get some reviews and/or mild press online right now to trick venues into letting us play live. This was the only blog whoever gave my solo material a chance, so I thought I’d send this by you guys.

    Thanks very much in advance for at least giving it a listen (how could you not? the tracks are GBV length).

    PS. Only have 3 minutes? Give the first and last tracks a listen.

  22. Zora says:


    Would be neat if you guys reviewed my debut EP… Or something…

    Hope you dig it.

  23. Zach says:

    First, I want to say that I love your blog. Pop-punk is something I grew up with and, I’ll admit, it left me for a while. I started to find new genres but I found myself back at the same music scene I was at nearly a decade ago. Because I came to the realization that nothing quite compares to the pop-punk genre, I decided to take my own music back to my roots and record a few new pop-punk songs. After throwing around ideas, I decided on making a pop-punk Christmas EP. Today I’m happy to say my vision is a reality athelloxmas.com where you can hear the EP, shop off-the-wall Christmas cards, and a few other nostalgic items. I’d love if you could write about my new site and/or share it with the community you’ve built. Thanks much for all you do.


  24. HI! I’m Monique from Electric Parlor. Take a listen to our stuff…we hope you dig it!


  25. Irreverend Shamansauce says:

    If you guys want something a little different to review check out What?! from the UK.
    “The first offering from cosmic crusaders, What?! Free-form free from artificial flavours and colours. A crunchy core of dissonant sound abstractions covered in a deliciously psychedelic outer layer of noise drenched quasi-funk.”


  26. Michael G says:

    Hi guys, my name is Michael and I make experimental electronic music under the moniker Mortal Morning. I am based in the UK and started the project two years ago. Last year, I made a track composed entirely of train sounds. I have been pursuing this concept since then, doing some field recordings of my own, and now I have put out my first EP called ‘The Lost Line’. I know it will appeal to fans of left-field electronic music. I’d love to hear what you think, thank you.


  27. Mike Isaacs says:

    Hi, It’d be awesome if you guys could review New Zealand band Pales’ debut album ‘It’s Cold Outside’?


  28. Dan Peluso says:

    Artist: Falling Andes
    Album: Castlevania
    Release Date: 2/25/14
    Suggested Tracks in order: Castlevania, Follow Me, and Sunshine

    Thanks for your time!!

    -Dan/Falling Andes

  29. Michael says:

    Hi everyone,

    would you like to review experimental music about scary moments and weird tales?


    That is the first EP.
    I would be happy if you like to review it.

    Thanks very much, and greetz from Kassel/Germany!

  30. steven clarke says:
  31. Mads says:

    Rock, Punk Rock and Noise Rock album for free and its not that bnad folks! Check it out here: https://amusi.bandcamp.com/

  32. Hey! Brand new glitch-funk post-classical jazzy turntablism style record here. I guess that’s usually just called IDM. Would love you guys to consider it!

    bandcamp link for free download:


    youtube stream of the album for convenience:

    -Robby Neubauer

  33. Alfredo says:

    review this track:

  34. Ash says:

    Just wondering if anyone could possibly review or feature a recent cassette release.
    Its kind of ambient, experimental, electronic, waltz.

    Thanks for your time, if you can’t but do know any sites that may be interested in a review could you please forward or let me know their website. Many thanks


  35. Casey J says:


    You were the only person to review my last album 3 years ago…Thanks by the way! I still don’t know how you found it.

    I finally have a follow up… It’s called Branches


  36. Tyler says:

    Hey! My band Breath of an Epoch released our first and last LP on the first of August! It is called perennial and you can find it here!: http://breathofanepoch.bandcamp.com/album/perennial
    Our genre is mainly emo and math rock but it has a hard emphasis on jazz! Fun fact: we recorded all of this ourselves and we even made our own cd cases!

  37. Faith Morley says:

    I’m a British singer-songwriter in country music!
    Would love it if you could review my debut album- ‘Morning Star’

    All music is on the site-

  38. Snow Shards says:


    I’m Jérémie and I’m a former guitarist of Awake In Sleep. I’ve just released my first album as a one man band called Snow Shards.

    The album is titled Blind, it is 100% home recorded and it is eleven tracks that go through one hour and seven minutes long from various genres as post-rock, ambient, neo-classical with a touch of shoegaze.

    You can download it and/or listen to it right here:


    Thanks for taking the time to listen to it!

    Best regards,
    Snow Shards

  39. Hello!
    I wondered if you’d mind having a listen to my band ‘Over and Out’ and our home made EP. With a new video for the song ’19’ being released tomorrow.

    If you could help in any way I’d really appreciate it!



  40. Hi,

    If you’re really craving something fresh, strange, but catchy, dancy, badass, and funny music then it would behoove you to give me a listen. I’m a cross between Peaches, Madonna, and Nine Inch Nails, and yet entirely in a category of my own. You’ll have fun, and I promise you won’t regret changing your mind about sending me to the trash heap. Don’t let this slip through the cracks…..let it seep through your mind instead.

    Miss Represent/Margo Goldstein
    Dirty Princess
    Brooklyn, NY
    Miss Represent, by Miss Represent


    Enjoy it!!!!!

  41. furrreal says:

    contemporary beat remixes lovingly assembled and fucked with:

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